Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 6/15

This inverted nipple repair and piercing must have really thrilled this client of Wizzer‘s (Body Electric, Hollywood)… Especially having nice breasts it must have felt great to have the nipples repaired simply and non-surgically using 12ga 9/16″ titanium barbells.

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49 thoughts on “Lucky BMEgirl Thursday 6/15

  1. I found this SO amazing. I’d be thrilled to see my nipples perfect like that (_and_ with a piercing).

    Great excuse to get your nipples done, too :P

  2. make sure you go to an experienced piercer. i have seen this done where the piercing didn’t do much for making it stick ou and saw the barbell in the middle of the nipple as well due to it being shallow.

  3. I hope this settles for her; I have one semi-inverted (really just flat, sometimes inverted) nipple and through two different attempts, neither it nor my other “standard” nipple ever healed the piercing, with SS rings or SS bars or TI bars… Beautiful piercings to compliment/complement (yes, both) her anatomy!

  4. This is the same reason I pierced my nipples. It really does work, and after you take them out they don’t go back in.

  5. Wow. I’d heard about this but never seen pictures. This is very encouraging to me! I have inverted nipples as well (though not as severe as the client pictured) and it’s the one thing about my body that really bothers me. Well, I guess I know my next project!

  6. That’s incredible! It really looks actually gorgeous! I wish everything could be fixed with mods *sigh* one day maybe

  7. Excellent work.. I use Curved Barbells to get the same effect.. After about 2 months when the piercing is healed well I have my clients move to straight Barbells and the nipple really stands out..

  8. She has lovely breasts but I’d like to point out that there was nothing that required “REPAIR” about her nipples in the first place. Inverted nipples aren’t defective or unnatural…. they’re just different.

  9. does anyone know if the scar tissue would hold their place [years] later on if the jewelry had to be removed, or would they just return to normal?

  10. well i nverted nipples can be a PITA to breastfeed with.

    THis is good to know – wondering how I can gracefully introduce it into conversation with moms planning to get pregnant again…

  11. I don’t know how i would feel about it if i had inverted nipples since all my life but i really love to look of it.
    This is so specail

  12. I think they are like that from when you are born, they don’t really “happen”. Someone correct me if I am wrong though

  13. Most often a girl is simply born with inverted nipples. I will note that not all inverted nipples come out with stimulation or other forms of encouragement. This is sometimes referred to as “true” or “severe” inversion. (IAM members can see my page for an example of that level of inversion.)

  14. Oh, one further note, there is one form of breast cancer that causes a woman’s nipple(s) to retract. So ladies, if your one of your nipples becomes inverted when it wasn’t before go see a doctor asap.

  15. i have inverted nipples. i was born with then : (
    though they do come out sometimes when i am cold etc. i had been looking in to surgical options to have them ” repaired ” but this gives me new hope… now all i need to do is find someone with experience in this area and then build up the confidence to do it… i feel like a freak the way i am…

  16. Scully, if you are interested in ever breastfeeding, you may want to skip out on the surgical “fix” until after you are done with that. The surgical fixes can make breastfeeding difficult to impossible.

  17. wow, beautiful breasts, and nipples!

    as far as what hekatesgal said about discussing it with other moms, and breast feeding, PLEASE DO! i’ve had a couple of my mom’s (i’m a doula) that i’ve suggested this too, so they would be able to breast feed the next time around, and they are so thankful. as someone mentioned earlier, make sure you see an experienced piercer, i’ve seen scar tissue from poor piercings prevent breastfeeding as well.

  18. iv heard soo much about piercing to bring inverted nipples out but have never seen the end result before
    tommorrow i will definatly be calling round piercers to see who ofer this

    amzing x

  19. A problem I have found in the past when piercing inverted nipples is that the nipples still try to pull in/invert putting an awful lot of downward pressure on the barbells, which in the end can cause migration/rejection.

    In 10 years I probably did about 10 sets, and out of the 10 only 4 that I know if healed completely without any migration or rejection.

  20. My nipples used to be inverted, they started to come out on their own a bit once i became sexually active. So they’re more “flat” than “inverted”, I got my left nipple pierced, and it went wonderfully. Just to add another success story.

  21. I have inverted nipples and had them pierced a year ago, wish I would have done them years ago. I enjoy them more and are not ashamed of them.

  22. hi i wanna do this but i’m a little scared, also i’m 15 is it ok to have um pierced at my age? and will it hurt?

  23. hi, i was just wondering about a couple of things.

    1. Once your nipples arent inverted anymore, can you take the peircings out without the nipples going back in?

    2. As you grow older, is there a chance that they will do this on their own?

    Just wondering because i have inverted nipples but am not sure whether im prepared to pierce them.

  24. i made out with a girl who had an inverted nipple when i saw it i dident understand what it was now i do lol

  25. Hi,everyone
    it’s very good to know i am not alone,i do have inverted nipples :( and i would love to have them corrected
    like the girl on the picture,i feel like a freak and i feel ashame when i am with my boyfriend even though he says he doesn’t mind i hate them,i am just wondering,will the nipples be always like that after pierced or will they go back to normal if i remove the piercings after 2 to 3 months,is there anyone that ever used niplette?i just bought that but haven’t used it yet!

    I am seriosly thinking about having my nipples pierced!

    Thanks everyone,it’s very good to be understood by other people with the same problem!

  26. hi its me again. i forgot to mention that im just hitting puberty and am really worried about this cos its really embarasing. Can someone tell me if they started off with inverted ones and theyve grown out as theyve gone through puberty??? please answer.

  27. JJ..
    I completely understand how you feel. I’ve had inverted nipples all my life buy never really noticed that anything was wrong with them until probably the sixth grade. Since then, I’ve been so embarrassed. I hate having to explain it to the guy I’m dating, but so far all of them have said it doesn’t bother them, although it bothers me! Some people say that as you get older they’ll become “normal,” even though they are normal now, they’re simply not society’s “normal.” In fact, my mom swears she had them (although I’m not sure if she’s just telling me that to make me feel better or if she’s being honest) and that once she got older, they did become erect.

    I’m actually using the Avent Niplette now. It hurts like hell though after you’ve been using it a while. But I definitely! have seen some results. I have one nipple that never wanted to “be friendly” as I call it, but now it will come out. I’ve been researching surgical correction for probably the last seven years, but only in the last week have I stumbled upon the piercing option. I’m seriously considering going this weekend. Almost all the sources I have looked at say that this is a great option, and it’s much better than chancing your ability to breastfeed!

  28. jr1900

    Hi,i am on my third day using Avent niplette and it is not too bad i use for most of the day and try sleep with it but i end up removing it during the night.
    I bought the cream (AVENT MOISTURISING NIPPLE CREAM) yesterday as well and believe me it does help a lot with the pain,the results have been quite good so far,but after a while (10 to 15 minutes) the nipples are inverted again :(
    On the first day i used it,it was so painfull i tought it was going to bleed,it was embarrassing as well at the same time because i was affraid someone’d notice that i am wearing that, my question is: will this correct them and make them look “normal” permanently? will i always have to use niplette?

    Let me know if you pierced them and how you are dealing with it,please!
    Just becarefull and look for someone professional to do it.

    Thanks ;)

  29. Well I used the Niplette for probably three weeks the first time (and then I just got lazy and stopped using it) and it did show some improvement. One would come out some of the time on its own, like when I was undressing, and the other one, the one I think might be a little more severe, a few times on its own (which was a huge deal because it would never do that!). Anyways, I started using it again about a week ago, and the other day did it for like 29 hours (I was so proud haha!) and after the initial swelling went down from using it, they actually came out on their own! It was absolutely great! I’ve never had that happen before, at least not just from getting cold. They still go back in however, so I’m going to continue using it. I’m also hoping that they’ll start coming out on their own so I won’t be so embarrassed when I go to get them pierced (which I’m still heavily considering!). If they didn’t, and couldn’t get pierced, I’d be so embarrassed to have to deal with that in front of a stranger!

    The Niplette claims that its results will be permanent. I think the recommended time period is 8 hours every day for at least 3 months, give or take since all women are different. From what I took from the “claim” was that once you received the desired “look” on a regular occasion, you could stop, and then if they started becoming innies again, you just pop the bad boy back on and it’s fixed. I don’t think it’s sure fire though, but hey, even if you have to wear it all the time, it’s worth it to not be so embarrassed, but that’s just me :) The pain is normal though. My hurt really bad when I first put it on, but after a while, it begins to become numb, just make sure you don’t hit it on anything! Damn, that is some serious pain! :o) I’ve gotten little blood blisters when I wear it for more than 8 hours (which sounds really gross, but it really doesn’t look horrible) and some other side effects, mainly just them being extremely tender. From everything I’ve ready though, they seem to be safe. Which is the great benefit!

    As far as piercing them, I was going to go today to get a consultation to see if they could do it, but they’re closed! :( And I had just gotten the balls to do it. Haha

    Good luck with everything! Let me know about your results! It’s so nice to have someone to talk to about this that actually understands what I’m going through without thinking it’s so terribly weird! :)

  30. Alright guys! I did it! :) I got them pierced this afternoon (about an hour ago). They look waaay more “normal!” It’s great! Although, yes, it hurt like bloody hell! The first one, as I’ve read, was by far less pain than the second. But it worked!

  31. what’s all this talk about “fixing” your innies? there’s nothing wrong with them! i know, i’ve got a pair.

  32. Im 15 and also have innies… they come out when im cold thats the only time. i get embarresed about them and with my boyfriend i only let him touch them when it was cold, otherwise i find them ugly. mine are just mostly flat not inwards, my mum doesnt know they are like this, but she sed i could get my nipple peirced anyway haha but ive heard someone get it done before and they screamed so loud. im not very good with pain, i just got my belly button done and that didnt hurt that much, but id just imagine nipple would kill! & can nipple peircings affect breast feeding? & do your nipples comes out so you can breastfeed when your pregnant/ had a baby??

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