Lucky BMEboys Saturday 7/15

Andyroo and Blair as photographed by Lane Jensen at Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton, Alberta.

37 thoughts on “Lucky BMEboys Saturday 7/15

  1. yeah, they’re both really cool. I love big labrets and the jewellery fits so well to the tattoo

  2. Agreeing with everyone here, very very cute men. Blair: please keep to the plan of coming to Manchester late December, I’ve set my heart on getting scarification work from you!

  3. “Those two men are adorable! Makes me just want to pinch their cheeks and kiss them. lol.”

    that’s exactly what I’m feeling

  4. i love this shot…take away the mods, and it looks like the most normal of pics…
    i love when mods just appear to be normal…and in this shot they look as regular as can be…

  5. I have no idea about these guys and their personal lives but if bme had a yearbook, they would win cutest couple hands down.

    I might be biased, though. I have had a huge crush on Blair for ages.

  6. If I was the Guy on the left in the picture I would be so scared I have some nasty skin rotting disease thats sent me all black, maybe even the black death or frost bite. Then to top it all he has some really nasty looking boils down his other arm that need lancing.
    I feel real sad for people who have to disfigure themselves in the ridiculous macarbre way.
    Seriously guys you are both good looking dudes why the hell you mess with nature and mess yourselves up in this way.
    I just hope you both dont wake up fron the obviously drug induced state you must be in.
    Hugs Huggie

  7. I’ve actually seen the one with the implants on the bus before…I remember that my friend had to tell me to close my mouth, because drooling is not attractive.

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