71 thoughts on ““The flaws are what make a person”

  1. i’d like to see her without make up though. She might appear scarier first thing in the morning. BY the way, is that a snout she has?

  2. the nose ring blends right in with her make up

    i love her eyes, not the make up her just the eye.
    and the lips.

    but the painted brows always seem a little odd.

  3. It upsets me how mean the anons are being on this one. She has some of the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen. Her page has some great photos on it and indeed, her make up skills rock. I definitely love this photo.

  4. beautiful photo! beautiful girl!
    i agree, awsome makeup!
    all those mean comments sound like they’re from the same person. shame on you!

  5. people have been being dicks on here latley…it makes me think they might just be internet trolls dogging on anyone they can find…oh well I’ve seen her on bodymod before and she always looks amazing

  6. If the flaws are what make a person, then why not have a more unphotoshopped picture?
    No offense intended, it’s a nice picture and I can see by her other photos that she is a beautiful girl, I’m just confused and a little turned off by the… dollishness, maybe?

  7. no offence but i think she wouldn’t look as “good” without the magic of photo manipulation and Photoshop…and make up of course, which she has taken to the max. i hate how manipulated photos can be so deceiving

  8. oh she’s the girl who pierced a horizontal sternum, with a curved bar bell.

    and i agree with Ghostie. if the flaws are what makes a person, why bother airbrushing them away? how ironic…

  9. ballerina/etc – She has this look presumably because she likes it. She does a great job pulling it off, and I don’t really understand why she is being faulted for it. If you want less modded photos, you can see them on IAM.

  10. I love that girl, she is gorgeous and smart, and so beautiful.
    She surely doesn’t need photoshop, but photoshop can be fun at times, get it?
    the picture is stunning, just like all of her pics.
    Stop being so mean, just because you can’t pull off a look like this.

  11. Aha. Then it is a misrepresentation of you. As long as that is understood then all is fair.
    Am not a fan of photoshopping pictures, it creates a false reality. It does little justice to the ‘real’ beauty of humans, flaws and all.
    Beautiful people have blemishes, spots, wrinkles, split ends and scars. I see nothing but dishonesty when they are removed from pictures.

  12. yes i do understand.. i never feature myself to be perfekt, hence the title.
    that is a picture, a mode for me to express aesthetic beauty..
    it is not about appearing gorgeous, it is about how much i can manipulate the picture into something surreal.

    and i dont think it is fair for people to diss me because of that.
    i am human and all that hurts.

  13. The thing is Satanycandle I have you as a Myspace friend and I think you are truly beautiful anyway. Absolutely stunningly beautiful.

    I was just expressing my opinions of photoshopped images not of you personally. Sorry if it came across like that.

    Peace X

  14. Some of you are getting WAY too serious with this photoshop shit.
    Get over it!
    She’s completely stunning with and most definatly without the photoshop!
    She is also a very kind woman and hasn’t lashed out on any of you. So, what has she done to deserve such crude comments?
    Sure, it’s your opinion but you don’t have to be blatently cruel.

    *cries* “The photoshop makes her look unreal”
    “She uses photoshop, thus she hides all of her flaws. She’s ugly”
    Woe is you! Now shut the fuck up.

  15. Anyone being an asshole about this photo needs the shit beat out of them. This girl is amazing.. and gorgeous.
    And atleast have the balls to leave your website address so that I can come and harass you along with others? :[
    Cuz I know that’s what you’re scared of, you dirty little cocksuckers.
    Love you, satanycandle! GREAT photo.
    Ignore anything these fuckwads have to say.
    They’re probably 36 living in their mother’s basement eating off of their stomach..

  16. oooh wati! you’re here again!

    whats with the sudden influx of critics? give everyone here a break- if you can pull off something better or even just as good, then i dare you to post pictures of your own and subject yourselves to critics much like yourselves.

    and by the way, to all the skeptics, she looks great in person too.

  17. She looks lovely… wish I could do that with make-up.
    They are just random trolls, sadly attack them and they regenerate…

  18. wati is beautiful and she also looks like a doll in person. she likes photoshop, what is so bad about that?

    it IS just a picture and most of you are not in singapore so why is it bothering you so much? i know you want to voice your opinion but why do you have to be so harsh? to make you feel better about yourself?

    oh, and wati isnt fat.

  19. People, what’s up with being so nasty?
    It’s a gorgeous pic. and she’s gorgeous with ot without the editing.
    jesus fucking christ.

  20. Wow. Why the hell does it matter to ANYBODY ELSE how much make-up she prefers to put on, or how manipulated the photo is through photoshop? Maybe she intended on taking the photo that way. It’s a modification in itself. God damn.

  21. What’s with the assholes. This is a stunning picture of a stunning girl, both personality wise and looks wise. Me thinks there’s a lot of jealousy, both about how gorgeous she is and how talented with both make up and photoshop skills.

  22. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with make-up and photoshop. It’s not like it’s not used EVERYWHERE. A good photo is in fact art, photoshopping is art, make-up is art.

    Just a bunch of elitists. Ignore them.

  23. This girl always inspires me with every new photo I see of her. I can honestly say she is the most beautiful modded girl I have ever seen. And the bullshit photoshop comments are completely uncalled for. It’s an artistic piece, you can’t create effects like that without photoshop, she has skills and she’s using them wonderfully. If everyone cried about people not being naturally beautiful, wouldn’t that be a cry against mods too? They (mods) are not “natural” but they make people beautiful. My head hurts…

  24. just a little inside info, she’s real good with her photoshopping skills. so, yeah, go figure. those are not her real lashes, i bet. photoshop makes everyone look good.

  25. YAY SINGAPORE!! haha. hello wati! -waves-
    i like all her pictures.
    she’s oh-so-very hot.
    take care.

  26. I love her look so much. In every picture I’ve seen of her. Her piercings fit her so well, and her makeup is great too. I think I can top that makeup though :D!

  27. Oh, please. Seriously grow up.
    Is this called “Modblog?” As in body modifications? If you have a problem with it, then I suggest you leave.

    She’s a GORGEOUS girl. I woul kill to look half as good as she does.

    So she wears ALOT of makeup? It suites her, really. I’m not saying she’s ugly without it because I’ve never seen it.
    But her makeup is very creative, it’s a work of art.

    What’s wrong with Photoshop? Photoshop is a form of art. Try looking at Deviantart.com sometime and stop being so ignorant about peoples looks.

  28. i think she very hot sial. make me wanna play love song to Her. i form singapore i see her at rock show b4 she hot sial. never xpect to see hr in modblog sia; i like the piercing many many her make up alot sia but i still like. Her friends all also cool siol. sry my english nt gd. melayu power!

  29. haha melayu power indeed. glad you’re proud of your roots! lol!

    ps- if you play a love song to her, you must be careful. her bf will come after you. hahahaha kidding.

  30. Oh she is hot! I kinda ‘know’ her from VF and her piercings look terrible cute on her.

    And who cares that the pic is manipulate? I think it is very arty!

  31. she is beautiful. if you’re looking for the occasional blemishes, spots, etc.. please be rest assured that she is one of the very few people i know with absolutely perfect skin. i’ve always told her this and she always shyly laughs the compliment away. it is highly probable that close to little photoshop has been performed on her skin to make it appear as flawless as it looks here. probably converted it into black&white and decreased the contrast where all you see is black. quit being dense; flaws don’t always have to be visible. the slight look of terror in her dollface/hand position speaks volumes about what’s not on the surface. there’s more to be said about the unspoken, the hinted, the subverted and silent than the obvious.

  32. wati~

    i dont understand wtf these people are arguing about. either ways. you have to know to judge. cos those who said horrid stuff are not exactly pretty either. boohoo for them. cos they’re both ugly inside and outside.

    i love you and you know im jealous. cos i never ever wear makeup and i wouldnt want to anyhoos cos i’d prolly look like some freak. i love anthony.

    -pixiedust all the way!

  33. I’m usually not one for lots of makeup, but this is an exception. It’s so well done and gorgeous.

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