15 thoughts on “Suspension Toy Sculpture

  1. That’s looks to me like it’s most likely sculpted with polymer clay which means that it is sadly is a one off. It actually looks a lot like the work of a sculptor I know on a sculpture forum who does this sort of work as wedding cake toppers, not sure if it is his work or not but it’s a very similar style. However this is much cooler than any cake topper I’ve ever seen. I’m currently working on a sculpture that has scarification work on the figure but I hadn’t thought of doing a suspension sculpt, I think I need to go sketch up something now.

  2. It will be the new bobble head.

    Reminds me that I have a photo session with a plastic barbie and some fishhooks…

  3. Painfulpleasures.com actually has some statue type things like that of guys suspending, they aren’t full color like that one, but you can buy them. I think they run about 200$ wholesale but I’m pretty sure you can also buy them retail.

  4. Painful Pleasures has several suspension statues similar to the one shown here. You can see and/or purchase them from http://www.painfulpleasures.com/xcart/customer/home.php?cat=280.

    Wholesalers, tattoo artists, and others in the industry spending $100 or more can purchase the same statues at a discounted rate from http://www.painfulpleasures.com/xcart/wholesaler/home.php?cat=280. Distributors spending $500+ can purchase from http://www.painfulpleasures.com/xcart/distributor/home.php?cat=280 at a further-reduced rate.

    Anyone interested in coupons can email me at [email protected]. 🙂

    Happy shopping!

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