That’s gonna hurt if it shatters…


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12 thoughts on “That’s gonna hurt if it shatters…

  1. I can imagine the trip to the ER!
    “Howd you get it in your inner lip?!”
    “Eh you wouldnt believe me if i told you” :)

    Very cool photo and you can see hes smiling also, I see a mulligans irish pub sign in the background too. good stuff :)

  2. That actually looks like a lightsaber (master replicas)… I have two hanging on my wall, but I could be incorrect.

  3. I had my fiance look at this. I asked him what that was in the photo and he replied… lightsaber, and walked away…

    Does that mean I’m a nerd?

  4. Sam: it makes you a nerd by association.

    I bet Luke wished Vader had just gave him a 2″ labret rather than losing a hand.

    Now THATS extreme modding.

  5. Since my first assumption was that it was a lightsaber and then my thought was confirmed by my fiance… I guess that makes me a nerd marrying a nerd.

  6. So, is that a Bill Hicks reference shirt? (“Not all drugs are good, now…some of ‘em…are great. You just have to know your way around ‘em is all.”)

    Neat image in any case.

  7. I’ve never seen anyone I wanted to punch in the face so much. It’s nothing personal, I don’t think he’s daft for doing it, I don’t actually dislike him…I just want to punch him in the mouth right there. Hee hee.

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