Angie’s Six Point Suicide

What wonderful photos! Care of Verno, Holy Mackerel/Visual Addiction in St. Paul, MN.

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31 thoughts on “Angie’s Six Point Suicide

  1. Cool photo as usual but where is the blood coming from? Did they cut her forehead or what? im stumped, it cant be from her back. ?????

  2. Yeah “OMG you put blood on her!!!! And increased the brightness!!!”
    set up a word filter so that if it detects the words “photoshop” etc. it just wont post :) haha

    Im thinking that its coming from her forehead cos its streaming nicely down her body

  3. That outfit really suits her – it’s really simple and “ordinary” but great! I heart yellow bootlaces.

  4. Come on Shannon you really photoshop the blood? Or was there a play piercing around there somewhere or what? You gonna kill me with the intrigue…
    I like the picture, I yet have to get suspended, bring it on!! 1

  5. You know, some people just like to smear blood on themselves. Some people even keep vials of blood to pour on themselves. The blood in the picture is not necessarily from a fresh cut on her head. I am definately NOT an expert, but the forehead blood doesn’t appear to be flowing in any kind of natural pattern, so that might be why. Definately don’t take my word for it though.

  6. For some reason, it made me think ‘Ascention of Christ’. But Either way, it’s fantastic.

  7. blood looks very good, but im going to guess it was either fake, or yea, from her back or something, smeared nicely on her face.

    great pictures.

  8. Shannon why did you photoshop clothes onto her, and you photoshoped big boots over her Jimmy Choos… man… and I know she’s really blonde

  9. Also the dude with the latex glove on looks like he has a syringe in his hand so maybe he just scooped up some of her hook blood and gave her a bit of a spritz.

  10. Omg.

    That first picture has to be one of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    She looks like a painting! It’s just amazing….:)

  11. This isn’t photoshopped. I drew about 30cc of her own blood and then painted her with it!
    She’s probably the most amazing friend I have and she likes blood:)

  12. something about the first picture with the shoudlers and the cut of the tp andths skin tone with the facial shape and the blood and the hair and the… It’s stunning.

  13. It looks like whoever is attached to the gloved hand is trying to tweak her nipple! :) Awesome pic, love the blood.

  14. like the photos? i took them. and yeah angie is pretty much the most gorgeous person i have ever met. that weekend was an amazing time.

    ps. shannon you know these were taken in a barn? this is set #3 from the barn photos i took for verno that have landed on modblog.

  15. Yay for my Scurvy. How I adore her! ::hug:: It’s always awesome to see one of your best friends on here

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