Healed Forehead Implants

I like Enrikay‘s forehead implants — they’re both very subtle and very striking at the same time. These were done using silicone half domes by Tony in Las Vegas.

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45 thoughts on “Healed Forehead Implants

  1. This has to be the best use of implants I’ve ever seen, keeping them low key makes them so fucking striking, I think its got something to do with symetry of the face, and little details that make people look twice. Love the tattoos too.

  2. Can someone please englighten me…
    What is it with getting chunks of silicone put under the skin to look like someone with a nasty growth that needs removing?
    I have felt sorry in the past for people looking like this. If I saw him out I would think OMG poor thing until I noticed they are a pair and thought friggin idiot actually paid money to look like a pratt lol :)

  3. Those are so nice! I love the tattoos, and how they match up with the nostril, and I also like the tiny little grin on his lips… so cute.

  4. They really suit him… also, those nostril piercings are about my favourite size/jewellery combination for nostrils. Simple yet effective.
    Can someone englighten (sic) me concerning why people post comments concerning subjects that obviously don’t interest them? Never once in my life have I posted on, I don’t know, a sports forum, saying “OMG y is football so stupid 1111!”.

  5. Empress,

    what is it with getting bags of silicone or saline stuffed into your chest to look like an overstuffed porn star? i see women whose skin is stretched so tight over rock hard breasts that are so huge they look like they’re about to fall over. how is that any different?

  6. Lol at #10.

    And I have to giggle somewhat. My friend was peeking out from behind my shoulder and saw this. She actually thought his skin was white. She didn’t notice it was a black and white picture…hehehe.

    Yeah. I agree with Sunday on this topic. \m/ You rock, sunday.

  7. this dude reminds me of iam:Swirly_Wanx_Sintra.. except this dude has the 3 circle’s on his forhead instead of his chin.

  8. I love when extreme modifications look so natural! The implants look more obvious in the other pictures on his page but they still look so normal on his face.

  9. Comment 10. Sunday
    I certainly do not condone having bags of silicone or saline stuffed into anyones chest male or female. I think the people who have it done need to research the subject a damm sight more before having these procedures.
    Often these implants burst and deposit silicone all over the body and it clings to vital organs causing allsorts of problems, in the main irreversible.
    I feel sorry for people like porn stars who have to abuse their bodies in such a way either seeking $$ or fake compliments.
    Lets face it a lot of surgeons will perform some procedures that should never be done. I guess the Porsche looks good on their drive way though.
    Anyway what you doing looking a rock hard boobs shame on you lol :)
    Chill sweetie & hugs x

  10. Comment 9. Em
    Actually I know an awful lot about the subject. As most of my friends have the same piercings & tattoos.
    Granted with regard to football it would be no good you asking me the off side rule lol.

    Have you ever seen a film called ‘Devils Advocat’ try playing the role yourself :)

  11. Empress honey, good job missing my entire point. ;)

    i wasn’t saying that you approved of breast implants or bringing up the health risks anything like that…i was only trying to draw a comparison between the two. there is no difference between getting breast implants and getting modifications like the one in this entry. everyone has their own reasons, but many times they involve making their body look the way they want it to. whether that’s having obscenely large boobs, or horns coming out of their forehead, or nostrils so large you can see through them, it’s up to them what they want, and i guess i’m not sure why you’re having trouble understanding why someone would want to do something like that when so many people see nothing odd about getting breast implants. the only difference is that breast implants and nose jobs fit the more conventional standard of beauty but it doesn’t make the modifications seen on this site any less beautiful to the people who get them.

  12. I didn`t think they look that subtle in person, when you actually see them they look just right.

  13. Comment 10 & 22 Sunday.
    I have no objection what so ever to people doing what they like to their own bodies.
    However it does break my heart every time I take flowers to my friends grave. A lovely young lady who believed her lack of chest size to in some way make her inferior to others. Implants really didnt do her much good. To see the agony she went through was heart wrenching.
    Ok granted I was a bit naughty with my original remarks, I made them out of I guess sheer frustration. Or maybe I made them because im scared of this sort of thing. I would hate even a stranger to walk the same path as my friend.
    Oh and please dont call me honey, ah just teasing lol..
    Have a great day Sunday, try to meet the postman in the morning I sent your chill pill 1st class post should be with you then :)

  14. His implants are amazing, his nostril piercings are gorgeous, this picture and the look on his face are inticing. I love it!!!

  15. You’re missing my entire point too! I like some sports, I dislike football. You like “ordinary” modifications, but dislike subdermal implants. However, I wouldn’t insult football for no readily apparent reason.
    You asked what happens when people with nose piercings have heavy colds! It’s a sane question, but not for someone who knows a lot about the subject.

  16. Breast implants and sillicone implants are totally different things… The sillicone in his head is solid(ish…) as opposed to a sac filled with sillicone. It’s not right to say you “feel sorry” for someone when they have given you NO REASON to feel sorry for them. For example, I would only feel sorry for someone in a wheelchair if they believed it had a huge negative effect on their life. Mark Zupan has said that being in a wheelchair is “the best thing that has ever happened to [him].” Why would I feel sorry for him? He has a rich, full life, and he’s happy. It doesn’t matter that *I* wouldn’t want to be in a wheelchair, it matters that *he* is happy the way he is.

  17. oh and by the by (because i forgot to mention this earlier) you did a very nice job on turning your original closed-minded comment into an expression of false concern for the individuals who choose to partake in the modification at hand. your original comment was chastising him for looking like a pratt, as you put it so eloquently, and now you say your only concern is the person’s health.

    i’m so sure.

  18. * Rolls eyes at Sunday @(* ? *)@

    It appears the chill pill I sent you didnt arrive.
    * Makes a note in diary to vent at the Mail services for non-delivery.

    I looked the word up ‘eloquently’ as its way past my inteligence level (joking) , and yes your totally right it was really bad of me to use the word pratt, I apologise for this..sorry.

    Sunday if you knew me personally no one could ever call me close minded, im the most laid back person, positiviely horizontal.

    You have me wrong, obviously I applied shock tactics in my orginal comments. It does worry me about any changes people make to themselves.

    Have a great weekend Sunday x :)

  19. seeing as there have been multiple entries (see the Wolverine claws, the brass knuckle implants, etc.) packed full of closed-minded comments similar to your original one from people trickling in here from other sites like Fark, it’s not hard to see how i made that conclusion. it’s rather difficult to tell when someone is trolling the site or just “using shock tactics” so keep that in mind the next time you want to express concern over someone’s mods. ;)

  20. My Dear Sunday,
    This is the first site I have made a comment on, I dont even know of a site named Fark. I certainly do not make a habit of visiting sites to make nasty comments to people.
    Maybe occasionally I have trolled a few people, but usually to their faces.
    Tell me did I get this wrong but if someone posts a picture then they are opening themselves up to praise and critisim?
    When I post poetry I have written I dont expect everyone to like it, I simply take their comments on the chin. Good ones, of course im happy..Bad ones hopefully I learn from them.
    Anyway Sunday, what are you my mother geez your beginning to sound like her, I expect to be sent to my room any minute now.
    No behave lol :)
    Hugz ya.

  21. Sunday My sweetie,
    I would love to answer you now, but dammit you did send me to my room, so when my detention is over I would be pleased to respond.
    Oh by the way people are going to start and gossip, we really have got to stop meeting like this :)
    Sweet dreams x

  22. Mr Sunday,
    Ah well there is a big difference, I hate being called honey, by all means call me sweetie thats perfectly acceptable.
    Hugz E.

  23. Oops Sunday,
    It appears I have given you the ultimate body mod..
    *Hands Sunday flowers sorry
    Kiss & Hugz xx

  24. Awww, it’s Erik! It’s always crazy seeing someone you know on here. Unfortunately he moved away, so I haven’t seen them in person. I’ve seen the pictures before. They healed out damn nice.

  25. i am really starting to appreciate The look of The Larger Nostrils piercings…

    *rubs nostril Thinkn hmmm*

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