Seems like decent advice

“KISS HER WHERE SHE PEES”, as tattooed by King Ron at Halo Tattoo.

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30 thoughts on “Seems like decent advice

  1. oh I didn’t know that was blood. I thought it was pee; figured she was into watersports. The heart-shaped body isn’t that symmetrical though.

  2. Even if it is menstrual blood, and I think it probably is urine given the banner, why is that gross? The vast majority of people with cunts bleed rather, er, regularly.

    It’s strange to me that people should find that icky. Inconveniently messy, maybe. Unattractive? Okay, though personally I think blood is hot… the best sex I’ve ever had was with another woman who was menstruating. Blood all over the place = yay. But okay, maybe that’s not your thing.

    But icky/ewy? Errrr… no.

  3. This looks like a right side rib tattoo. Wouldn’t it be funny if the left side said “Kiss her where she poo[']s!”?

  4. I like the idea, it would be better if more expertly executed . Correct spelling is also a plus.
    Of course really bad tattoos like this are awesome in their own way.
    This is the root of modern tattoing, people.

  5. Donna,

    Poor grasp of grammar is acceptable among clients but, to my mind, not among tattooists who permanently ink phrases onto bodies.

  6. that made me laugh uncontrolably even before i noticed the grammar mistake… which made me laugh even more! i love this one!

  7. I agree, if the customer didn’t know the difference the artist should have still caught it.

    That being said I like the idea as much as I can without actually being into watersports.

    And the lopsidedness of the heart is actually a kind of imperfection that I appreciate – in this tattoo at least.

  8. S baby, the comment I was replying to didn’t make any reference to tattoos when they said ‘there is no excuse for poor grammar’.

    I wholeheartedly agree that there is no excuse for poor grammar in tattoos, as any lettering should be checked, checked again and then checked once more before being tattooed.

  9. it may be poor grammar but that form of pluralization (meaning the use of ” ‘s “) is common in places like groceries/markets where things like bananas are often labelled as “banana’s.” using it for “pee” is really stupid though.

    my opinion about the lopsided-ness of the heart is because it’s a rib tattoo and she’s (i’m assuming it’s a she from the breasts) holding her arm up at an odd angle, pulling the skin.

  10. “Kiss her where she PEES”?

    I *hope* she’s into watersports. Otherwise, somebody needs to explain to her that she doesn’t pee out of her vagina.

  11. My thoughts exactly Kristin. I can’t vouch for the wearer but I dispise having my urethra kissed/ licked/ whatever…she must be into sounding or golden playtimes coz it seems like a strange way to put ‘kiss my cunt’ otherwise :P

  12. A note to #26, just because you see it in supermarkets does not mean using an apostrophe to make something plural is correct. It means the person making signs in the supermarket never learned the difference between plural and possessive.

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