What, this isn’t how you stretch your piercings?

This graphic procedural photo is from a 4ga CBR piercing (placed through the shaft, behind a split glans) being expanded to hold a 3/8″ surgical tube, using a sterilized blade with an anti-bacterial lubricant. The full set will be in this weekend’s update for those who want more views.

22 thoughts on “What, this isn’t how you stretch your piercings?

  1. Haha. Other possible films:

    Psycho 4″: The Splittening

    Al-AIEE-n: In space, no-one can hear you shove a knife through your cock

    Die Screaming With Sharp Things In Your Todger

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Oh, and Saw, but that’s not funny, it’s just the kind of thing I’d expect in Saw. I suppose I could pun about it being saw.

  2. lol @ hedwig. That movie is the best!

    If I ever looked down at someones crotch and happened to see this in person I would faint… but kuddos to him!

  3. Oh yummy! I’ve always wanted a man with a modified penis, whether it be incisions, piercings, or implants. It’s so hot either way.

  4. HaloMiles i would be glad if my wife would think as you!!!
    It’s a hot and good picture – I feel my own cutting through the cock – wouhh!!! It’s amazing.

  5. hy babyshaker !
    Sterilized isn’t important, because the bleeding will flash the wound clean!
    That’s my experiences from my own whole splitting with a good sharped citchen knife.

  6. is there not a more sensible way of doing it?

    because all i get from this is a guy with a knife in his cock.

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