Guinness For Strength

This Guinness beer tattoo — not the only one I’ve seen — is by Matt Shaver at Pussy Cat Tattoo in Milwauke, Oregon (see also Leffe and Jupiler, Miller and Coors, and drunk inking). I like this photo, she seems so pleased with it, but I have to admit that as a childish individual I giggle that a dude named Shaver works at a tattoo shop named Pussy. Like I said, I’m a childish individual.

13 thoughts on “Guinness For Strength

  1. That’s what I thought too chr st ne. Ahh, Pints of Guiness Make You Strong. Can anybody clarify if this IS an Against Me! reference? Perhaps I am just being naïve and hoping that it is an allusion to that wonderful band.

  2. Do you remember ’36? We went our separate ways. You fought for Stalin, I fought for freedom.

  3. Haha wilby you pussy, just wait til we meet up at the x-mass beers.

    On a side note why does she have thistles tattoed there? as they’re a scottish symbol not an irish one? Scottish descent?

  4. Amazing maybe she’s of Scottish and Irish descent. She looks really happy with her tattoo though, I *heart* happy tattoo pics

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