16 thoughts on “1996 Wreckers Party

  1. Does anyone not have a boot fetish anymore? Shiny shiny boots of leather…

    Boots make things better.

  2. Randomly, I can also vouch for the fact that sea otters masturbate, too. The tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific were worth the price just for that.

  3. I like boots! I have some big green boots and I like the way they make my legs look 🙂

    I think the picture is pretty cool. That guy has a nice smile and his piercing looks great.

  4. I would not say I have a boots fetish, but a few years ago I had the most gorgeous pair of thigh high suede boots, I felt like the mutz nutz in them 🙂

  5. for a skinny guy, he’s got a pretty huge penis. And I will state that I do have a boot fetish. Dani Filth’s boots in the Nymphetamine video? Pure unadulterated SEX. Package it and sell it. Damn I want those boots…

  6. Those look like Santa’s boots to me, makes me feel a little awkward seeing them on a naked guy . .

  7. You know. This guy creeps me out just a -little- because he looks a whole lot like my uncle before he got a beer belly. In other words, I totally can’t click that picture.

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