Arm Nipple Piercing

Earlier this year I posted a photo of an unusual piercing (a nub on the end of an incomplete arm) that I really liked. I had meant to post an “in context” photo much sooner, but better late than never. I’ll say again that I’m always really happy when people have fun and take control of a part of themselves that others have likely given them a hard time about (that said, I am guessing this piercing is no longer in place)…

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27 thoughts on “Arm Nipple Piercing

  1. it’s not an amputated arm, it’s an incomplete one. that’s why it’s got the little nub. my guess would be she’s got Poland Syndrome…my boyfriend’s cousin has it and his arm looks exactly like hers.

  2. yeah! i was once at office depot and the lady who rung up my stuff had an incomplete arm just like that one, only on the nub was a fingernail. so cool!

  3. I’m guessing he said that because the arm is used a lot like a hand, so it’d be like getting a finger web piercing or something that gets hit a lot or in contact with lots of dirt and nastiness.

  4. Sweet piercing! =D

    I know a guy at my bank who has the same incomplete arm. He is the cutest and sweetest guy on earth.

    That reminds me. I need to some-how work up the courage to get his number….

  5. This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen .

    and ive seen a lot of beautiful things.

  6. I love this picture.
    A friend of mine had his forearm tore off in a factory accident and we’ve been looking for the “right” tattoo for a couple of years now.
    Great picture!!!

  7. Gorgeous! I pierced my nose to embrace its uniqueness. It’s been broken four times, so it has this lovely little bony protrusion that the nose doctor was absolutely salivating over. He really wanted to give me a nose job. No, I said, so I pierced it (the nostril on the bump side, not the bump itself, as it is made of bone). : D

  8. Hey, this is Devin, the guy that pierced her. My friend told me this was on modblog but I am only now finding it.

    Here is and update. She no longer has the piercing. It was doing fine for the first couple months but in about month three she got it caught on a box she was carrying and the inner edge tore ever so slighty. After that happened her piercing had migrated a little as well and was showing signs of rejection so we pulled it out. We will be repiercing her shortly and she is also considering some anchors on her nub as well, we will start with one of course and see how that goes.

    The problem with these piercings is (as previously stated) she uses her nub as most people would use a hand and a lot of things inadvertently come in contact with the piercing. I have been trying to convince her of wearing a cup over the nub for the first few months of healing but she’s not to hip on the idea.

  9. I’m famous!
    That is me in the picture with my stub piercing…Devin my amazing piercer and friend just let me know this was here!
    Thank you for all of the really sweet comments! This has been one of my favorite piercings and most missed.
    I’m going to clear up some things…I”m not an amputee I was born this way…The sack broke and in that case there are two things that can happen a miscarriage or the sack attaches to the first thing it can, in that case it stops all growth and development…I was lucky it could have been my face or something…
    Now an update…I will be getting it repierced soon. I’m waiting till I have time not to use my arm as much because it needs to heal and yes I use it like a hand…well one without fingers!

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