Child’s Play Red Cross Tattoo

Oh, I am so stoked to be posting this tattoo. It’s the Red Cross child’s play logo, and it’s on a medical professional, done by Dustin at The Enemy Tattoo in Everett, WA. The reason I’m so stoked is that there are a lot of medical professionals that “don’t get” body modification*, either technically or experiencially, so I’m thrilled when I see things like this because I know that it’s a small step toward myself, my friends, and others having better and better experiences when we have to see a doctor. And I love the image in general.

As a point of trivia, to the best of my knowledge this is based on an “illegal” design that the Red Cross threatened to sue a t-shirt manufacturer over! The Red Cross logo is very tightly controlled by international law, and I believe the only symbol to be enshrined specifically into law.

* I want to be clear though that I don’t consider these bad or uncaring doctors when mistakes are made; they’re just inexperienced in this small realm.

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17 thoughts on “Child’s Play Red Cross Tattoo

  1. I guess thats why I can only find replacements of my favorite shirt (an olive green tshirt with just a red cross cross on the front) in seedy stores in NYC.

  2. as a fellow, modified medical professional. i know i am always happy to find more like us. and i have definetly noticed it becoming more and more acceptable in the medical field.

  3. I’m an ER nurse, and I’ve got to say we’re very different. Threre’s a few old-timers with no ink, but most have at least one tattoo and one piercing below the neck. Many of us have lots of tattoos, and many have multiple piercings. We’re all too intense and serious adrenaline junkies.

  4. I came to say exactly that, WhiteTrash.

    Sad that the charity didn’t get a proper link on the main page, I am sure they would be more than happy go get more coverage.

    100% of all donations go to children’s hospitals all over the world to buy toys and games for children to enjoy while being where no parent wants to see their child. The Hospital.

    Please help this great cause.

  5. VERY white. But that’s just because I’m…well…pasty.

    That said, there’s an even more interesting wrinkle to the whole international law thing. Each signatory nation to the Geneva Convention can clarify by law the legal use, though, the International Red Cross may always use the symbol. In the US the American Red Cross and military medical services are the only legal users of the red cross emblem based on my quick read of the law.

    June is right that the ER crowd is very different and in the interest of fair disclosure, there is ER in my background.

    Most importantly, though, donate to Child’s Play if you can afford to.

  6. Thank goodness for doctors who know a little about tattoos and such. I hate going to my clinic to get check ups. They act like Im an alien or something. :(

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