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49 thoughts on “Shackled

  1. it looks like either a baby is standing behind her or she has some sort of ass deformity. other than that it’s a hot picture though.

  2. Giles-> Yes, and not the good fake way (as if that excisted).

    Girls, please don’t do that your bodies! They are so much prettier au naturel :)

  3. decapitater, I’m no big fan of implants either… but I find it ironic to hear “Don’t modify your body in that way!” on Modblog of all places.

  4. For a while there I thought she’d swallowed a small child.
    No offense, it was just the blurring.

  5. What does it matter if shes had a boob job, the hair line scars under them, say she has.
    Go girl, you got a gorgeous body.

  6. trinityva-> Haha point taken! ;)
    For some reason I just find breast implants unattractive and I would never place it in the same category as “real body modsâ€?. Maybe it has to do with the shallow porn and pop-culture (not that I don’t like porn lol). Actually I have never thought at breast implants as a “modâ€?, I think of them more like steroids I guess.

    Well, that gave breast implants a whole new perspective for me.

  7. People get breast implants because for whatever reason, they make them feel better about themselves and live their life more fully. It’s EXACTLY the same general reason as the majority of people get atypical modification as well.

    The difference is just cultural, in that one moves toward the cultural norm and the other moves away from it.

  8. Shannon – I think you are very wrong on this point.

    People get breast implants to be further accepted as part of the status quo. It is about being more part of the general public.

    People get other modifications to be APART from the status quo.
    It is about being accepted more by themselves.

    I think the two are very different.

  9. just because one person gets tattoos and piercings to move away from the mainstream, doesn’t mean that all of us do. i know that that certainly hasn’t been the reason for me.

    i don’t know how anyone without breasts can really be an authority on why a girl would choose to have implants anyway!

  10. i’m pretty sure that that is what shannon was saying. but i tend to agree i have always put my mods in a different category from breast implants. Mine feel more like they are for me, but they also serve to sometimes shock people and as an ice breaker in certain situations. Where as breast implants are, generally speaking, a mod that is meant to be done, and if done properly, never noticed by anyone but the wearer. Granted you might see one as more of a giving into cultural pressure and the other as a way of rebelling against. However in the end they serve the same purpose; to feel and look more like you think you should. It;s all just different standards of beauty in the end and it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  11. Giles – I know a lot of women who got breast implants FOR THEMSELVES that would be pretty pissed off at your arogant and ignorant claim there. You really think YOU know what motivates women regarding their breasts?

    In fact, a doctor’s JOB is to turn away people who are doing it “for others”, for liability reasons. That’s why a good cosmetic surgeon has an aggressive screening process and turns away a great deal of clients.

  12. #17 – i had to read what you said over and over again because i couldn’t even believe it.

    a body modification is a change….in someones physical being. a scar can modify your body, a tattoo, an operation, a disease. is the definition of body modification really that narrow not to include surgery that changes a persons body?

    and as for not including breast implants because of them being a part of pop culture….#17 – many people have tattoos and piercings….. you can get your ears pierced at many hair salons and jewelry stores (jewlery stores that sell body jewlery, even in large guages) in any mall (in Nor Am). and in many malls, there are usually a handful of places offering such services…..if that’s not a part of pop culture, than i dont know anything about pop culture….

    and for that matter – people get them for all reasons. sometimes its because of a disease, sometimes to assimilate themselves into a different sex than that they were born with, , maybe peer pressure, maybe wanting to belong, sometimes personal preference, and sometimes as a work investment – im sure there are as many reasons/combinations of reasons for getting them as there are people that get them!

    and whether people like it or not, it’s an operation that modifies a persons body….hence, being under the large umbrella that is body modification.

  13. The reason I know this is because of many years research on the psychology of change. Just because you know a few women who claim they have done breast augmentation for themselves doesn’t mean it is necessarily so.

    In fact psychologists have proven that the vast majority of women get breast enlargements to follow an unnatural picture of femininity perpetuated by media. This isn’t arrogance Shannon, these are facts gathered from a wealth of sources over the years. Similar in fact to your own but drawn from different areas.

    No woman wanting breast enlargement would tell a doctor they are for other people as they would know fully well that they would be refused surgery. However when questioned on why they had them done many (in fact a majority) claimed it was to boost confidence in social situations, or (as it is commonly put) to fit in.

    This is completely against the idea why many here would choose to do modifications to there body, the idea in most cases isn’t to fit in but rather to be themselves.

    Equating having your tongue split to having your breasts enlarged is quite wrong. The psychological background to the two is very different and just because they are classed as modifications doesn’t mean they are similar in any other way.

  14. fitting in and boosting confedence are not the same thing. i would never refer to one in the same way as the other. my confedence is my own, with or without large breasts or fitting in.

    that is an extremly narrow statement.

  15. i apologise for the flooding of my comments…

    how do you know the reasons that the people here modified themselves? it could very well be to fit in, just with a different group.

    and dont be fooled, this (tattoos, piercings, ect) is a part of pop culture as well….

    and i would like to see the studies that you are referencing, which phychologists? what studies? im not trying to be smart, i just would like to read it for myself.

  16. I have already mentioned that the idea of fitting in refers to the status quo in the case of breast enlargements and outside of the status quo in the case of modifications here.

    As for references try The Independent’s survey on ‘Why women get augmentation’.

    Victoria Pitts ‘In The Flesh’ The cultural politics of body modification

    Body Politics

    There are a lot more but I am not at home at the moment.

  17. Giles – you say that you take your info from “many years research on the psychology of change”. Would this be the same psychologist who frewuently accuse the bodmod community of being “masochists” who “mutilate themselves”?

    I think more people should realise, as well, that as bendy things go, there is nothing that is easier to twist than a statistic.

    Besides, as you don’t (currently, of course) have the possibility of seriously considering breast implants as a personal choice for the moment, how can you speak in such demeaning terms of the female gender as a whole? Is there even a respectful and correct way of generalising about ANYONE?

    I agree that the media broadcast a very distorted (or certainly very standardised) image of femininity, but that does not mean that every woman who decides that she wants tonget breast implants has no sense of jusgement whatsoever. Your comments demean women and make them sound like mindless robots that seek only to fit in.

    There are a lot of people who admit that they sometimes hide behind their piercings in social situations. There are many more who feel that the mods are not an addition to their body, but a step towards what they feel their body really looks like… I don’t see how breast implants can’t fit into this process, in the same way as a nostril piercing makes one feel prettier and one’s nose look nicer, or a tattoo might accentuate a woman’s beautiful curves.

  18. Esmerelda – “Would this be the same psychologist who frewuently accuse the bodmod community of being “masochistsâ€? who “mutilate themselvesâ€??”

    Am not sure who that particular psychologist is but it wouldn’t be someone I would use as a reference as it goes against all my beliefs.

    Saying I can’t speak about the cultural politics of breast implants simply because it is not a choice I can make is ludicrous. My evidence is based on the information given by those who can make that choice and regularly do.

    My observations are not about every woman or even every woman who has had breast implants they are quite clearly as stated in that “the vast majority of women get breast enlargements to follow an unnatural picture… “. The findings of the Independent study showed that a large amount of those who choose to exaggerate their breasts through augmentation did so to fit into social situations in a way that boosted their confidence.

    Quite clearly this is different to a modification that is not done to appease others but designed for themselves.

    If you wish breast enlargements to be on the same par as a stretched ear lobe or forehead horns then you are welcome to do so but as far as your standing society is concerned the reaction you will receive to both will be entirely different.

    Breast enlargements are very much part of being accepted ‘in’.

    Forehead horns are very much part of being ‘outside’.

  19. this is very interesting to me, because it seems that as breast augmentation is more popular that any woman with large breasts is thought to have had the surgery. I have definately been asked and I long for reduction.

    Also, as for the confidence boosting, that was definately part of my modification choice – my genital piercings for me are a way of feeling like myself in stressful situations. A centering, a reminding – I’m sure for some women at least their tits do the same.

  20. Giles- I think this last point of yours (comparing breast implants to horns) is very important. However, I don’t agree with it. Horns are something that is completely foreign to the human shape, whereas breast implants are are an exageration of nature. So, in that sense, I would liken breast implants not to horns (which are designed to provide contrast), but to nose rings (which are designed to draw attention to or to decorate).
    Additionally, I know I started out with my first earring at 18 because it was “cool” and I wanted to fit in with the “in crowd.” To me, this has led to 5 more earrings, a tongue piercing and multiple tattoos, including an in-progress backpiece which is everything but mainstream and conventional. And yet, they all stem from that first earring.
    On the same note, I don’t think all women getting breast implants are looking to fit in. I think a goodly number of them are looking to stand out from the crowd, just the way I’m looking to stand out with a back tattoo which exagerates my shoulders and minimizes my waist and hips.
    On the other hand, the person getting horn implants may very well be looking for acceptance in the “out crowd.” In other words, pushing away the mainstream but not because the mainstream is repugnant, but because the act of pushing away the mainstream alligns them with a subculture, much the same way a woman getting breast implants is doing it to allign herself with the subculture which values “perfect” bodies.
    Is there a concrete thesis in this post? Nah, not really. Just me playing devil’s advocate in an attempt to illustrate once again that there is not “right” and “wrong” in this, only “different.”

  21. big ups to esmerelda and everyone else who at least TRIES not to pick and choose which modifications are this and that.

  22. Just wanted to chip in a little bit.
    Of course there’s women out there who get breast implants because THEY want them. And of course there’s ones out there who get them more for others than themselves. And while respectable Drs are supposed to weed those ones out, there’s this little thing called lying.
    Also, you have to take into consideration that we live in a society where from a very young age, girls are taught that they have to be skinny, pretty, and have big boobs to be considered beautiful or accepted. How many people who WANT bigger breasts are doing it because of that reason, whether they realise it or not? It’s just engrained in so many of our heads that genuinely wanting bigger boobs feels like a natural want.
    I’m actually quite surprised when I meet a woman with small breasts who actually LIKES their boobs. Even my friends with decent-sized breasts wish theirs were bigger, and I think they look just fine the way they are.
    Oh society, how I love you so.

  23. Horrible breasts. She poses tilted, but it is still quite obvious that the implants are screwed up big time. As a minimum she should demand a refund.

  24. Giles, if you really have done all this research on women’s motivations for getting breast implants, may I see some citations?

  25. I agree that breast implants are same as any other body mod (although, I think most women have unhealthy motivations for getting them) but my major problem with them is most of the time they look terrible. About 90% of the boob jobs I see look like shit. I would rather have small tits that look nice instead humungoid tits with nipples that way too high up (like this girl). Like any other mod I judge it based on how it looks. I think the major problem is a lot of girls get breast implants because they want to be perceived as sexy and don’t care about the aesthetics of how they look but with most other mods the whole point is aesthetic. So while I see a lot shitty boob jobs I rarely see mods I would consider ugly. But to each their own, I guess.

  26. Most people modify themselves to beautify themselves in their own eyes. Whether this means getting a tattoo or peircing or augmenting the size of ones breasts, it is still body modification which is what this community is all about. Why has everything turned into a big debate lately? What happened to the fun comments that talked about what people thaought they saw (which is what this forum started as). This picture was to show the work that has been done to her genitals not because of the fact that she has a boob job (or maybe its cause shannon just really likes naked girls ;) ?) Maybe Giles has a point in that it was just for fitting in OR maybe he’s just trying to stir shit up again like with the goat. Either way, can’t we just enjoy the pictures anymore without going into huge debates? I mean, this is a person not an inanimate object here.

  27. I’ve been trolling this site for awhile and just thought I’d put in my .02$

    av3ry- What about guys? Personally I feel that men have equal pressure on body image as women do. If you watch pop culture, movies, books, magazines there are always images of these toned adonis’ who have bodies most men will never achieve.

    We are bombarded with these images and expectations of improbably proportions so how about a little respect for the men sometimes?

    Giles- Lets see some links to this “research” you keep quoting.

    As for being accepted I’d say breast implants are judged as harshly as body modifications and tattoos by some people. Just look at all the people who have commented on how the don’t like the way her breasts look or how implants turn them off. People judge women with implants as much as they judge someone with a tattoo. There will always be negative and positive people towards both.

    In regards to the boob job. I’d classify it as a body mod. What we are getting into is splitting hairs. I know people who have gotten piercings and tattoos for improving their self confidence and I consider implants the same. Implants are also removable like most piercings and some women do take them out eventually.

  28. Kaylee >>”Maybe Giles has a point in that it was just for fitting in OR maybe he’s just trying to stir shit up again like with the goat.”

    Am not interested in stirring shit up, the picture of the goat was not just vilified by myself but by several other Modblog contributors.

    To better qualify the differences between breast implants and ‘our’ modifications just look at the way society views the two. One is seen as quite acceptable the other is demonised.

    Anselm >> “On the same note, I don’t think all women getting breast implants are looking to fit in.”

    Same here, but the majority do at, least according to independent study they do. It is a desire to look more like an ideal image (albeit unattainable) of a woman. The idea being that bigger breasts is somehow more natural or acceptable.

    Trinityva >>”may I see some citations?” not on the internet, at least not from myself. If you want to see a written piece I could forward one to you.

  29. just because there is one study done…….doesn’t mean a person should put all of there trust into it. things become outdated.

    does anyone remember a study ranking intelligence by skin color? hmm…..

    i wonder what the authors motive was with that one?!

  30. ahaha i thought for a sec that she was giving birth or something ^^;; i dunno but i’m not really fond of this foto, i find it rather plain… and i have to agree that those breast aren’t really.. ‘natural looking’ ^^

  31. I totally agree with Giles. I have done research myself on tattoos and plastic surgery for school, and there are many sources that support the theory that tattoos serve as self-identifying marks for an individual, and are done for many reasons beyond wanting to look good, while aesthetic surgery, which would include breast implants, are more suited for remaking an individual into an image that will be generally accepted by society. I won’t go into surgical reconstruction for people whose looks may be marred due to unfortunate circumstances, which is why I will make a distinction between aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

    Furthermore, addressing the issue that scholars may be biased against modified people, this is an outdated idea as the researchers who work in cultural studies regarding the body happen to be more open-minded about such things nowadays. One example would be Margo DeMello, who wrote a great book about the modern history of tattoos, Bodies of Inscription: A Cultural History of the Modern Tattoo Community, which includes interviews with many people whose names you may have heard of. She herself is tattooed, which is unsurprising.

  32. It’s been my experience that whether an academic has tattoos or not, the theories and statements they produce tend to be bunk, way off the mark, and generally more about promoting their own views than making actual accurate statements. I’ve yet to see a book whose conclusions aren’t fraught with errors and false observations.

    I can produce numbers and claims from “academicly respect” studies on both body modification and breast implants that have damning conclusions, and others that are positive. It may as well be fiction or a collection of random updates.

    In any case, the fact is that many people get breast implants for themselves. And yes, many people get them because they think others will like them as well. And if you think it’s ANY different for tattoos these days, in 99% of the cases, you’re kidding yourself.

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