60 thoughts on “How obsessed are you?

  1. Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to do this to a picture.
    Of course I already knew I found people with body mods to be more attractive it’s interesting to see the difference side by side.

  2. I said to my fiance, “Attractive – left or right, quick!” without giving him a chance to think… he said “Definitely left” and hadn’t noticed the piercings.

  3. Funny, how much two nostril piercings can change my view of someone. I find the left 100% more attractive than the left.

  4. I don’t notice the eyes any less on the left picture, or her lips for that matter (nice lips, definitely). I find the left picture more attractive, but I find myself leaning more towards that these days. I tend to notice people with mods a lot more because I find it an instant point of commonality, and they accent the person rather than hinder their appearance.

    Now if only I could get that hot guy on the bus with all those facial piercings to notice me. XP

  5. Hey, that’s me! 🙂
    Those nostril piercings were hell to heal for some reason. I had hellacious hypertrophic scarring for two months, that wouldn’t respond to any sort of treatment.
    They’re much better now though.

  6. ew, the face without nostril piercings squicks me out. she’s lovely, but the piercings look more natural to me!

  7. i like the left a lot more. i think it helps balance her face out more cause you have her gorgeous eyes and mouth, but it’s kinda blank in the middle.. if she doesn’t have double nostrils, she certainly should get them!

    sidenote, but where did you get this girl’s pic?

  8. oops. I messed up the link to my name. haha.
    I’m ‘Bethany!’ on IAM, and that’s what I was trying to link to, but oh well.

  9. I find the right more attractive.

    Just cuz I hate the placement of those double nostrils. They look much too low, IMO.

  10. damn, hit enter too quickly! i guess this goes back to the whole symmetry being a huge deal when it comes to attractiveness.

  11. I find the left one much more attractive. On the right she looks so plain; the nostril piercings really enhance her face.

  12. She actually looks kinda creepy in the picture to the right. DEFINITELY like the one on the left. She looks so much more natural and gorgeous.

  13. Shes gorgeous either way.
    But damn those nose rings are a pain in the ass 🙂

    Parnie has the one of the prettiest faces in the world.

  14. i’m very good friends with this girl off the box, and i’ve actually told her before that i think she looks better without em, haha. ..not that i think she’s ugly with them, not that i don’t like that piercing, and not that i don’t think some girls do look better with em, just different strokes, i guess.

  15. shes beautiful and her (real? photoshopped?) nostrils seal the deal for me. haha… oh, how attractive i find the mods. wierdly though, i always date blank canvases.. aka no one with any piercings or tattoos…….. yet!

  16. I hate myself for this, but I think that she looks better in the picture without the paired nostrils. I’m definately a fan of paired nostrils, but I don’t know…Maybe it’s just the jewelry, but I don’t particularly enjoy them on her.

  17. No, it’s not just you, they really do make my nose look wider.
    But I’m not a fan of my nose to begin with, and the piercings make me like it more.

  18. yeah, I’m totally guilty, it took me a minute to tell why, I ‘had the whole no chance to read, just look’ thing… hm, that’s fine with me…

  19. much of a muchness really, she looks good either way. as long as she is happy with em thats the main thing… well thats the way i look at it. and of course each to theire own 🙂

  20. With the piercings. The glint of the piercings helps my eye travel from the shine in her eyes, to her nose, to the shine on her lips. Overall, the picture just flows better with them.

  21. i have to say she’s beautiful regardless. piercings don’t MAKE PEOPLE beautiful, just as not having piercings doesn’t MAKE you any more beautiful. it’s all personal preference in the end.

  22. she’s attractive with and without the nostril piercings, but I prefer her with them because they seem to enhance her look so much more. That and I adore her Abercrombie hoodie! I want to get one of those, but i’m too curvy to wear one and they’re freaking expensive!

  23. I’m fine with either, really. She’s got perfectly fine looks, so the right is very beautiful. And the nosepiercings that she has also compliment her face, so the left is also.. Very beautiful.

  24. Bethany, my fiancee, moreso the most gorgeous girl ever, reguardless of her nostril piercings or not. Though I do have to say… the hypertrophic stuff was annoying. I tried to get her to take them out for months to let the inflammation go down. I know they stressed her out and the biggest reason she didn’t want to take them out was because she’d have bumps on her nose, both symmetrical and no one would know why. Haha she is gorgeous either way, and more importantly… she looks great with or without make up… love waking to that every morning

  25. I’ve taken all of my facial jewelry out a couple of times in front of my boyfriend, and even though he’s not normally into piercings, he thinks I look a lot better with them! I look so weird without my face in… not even like myself. It’s funny.

  26. I think mods that suite the person can make their appearance more appealing.. that’s why I took out my snakebites and eyebrow piercing recently, I didn’t like how I looked with them..

  27. Oh shannon, you’ve merely confirmed what I already knew, I’m turned on by chicks with piercings… and full sleeve tattoos.
    Mmm sexy pierced girls. 🙂

  28. Aside from the fact that I’m biased, something makes me find unpierced faces odd and bare looking somehow, like a facial feature is missing or something.

    She’s beautiful, too, and I always like seeing other girls with double nostrils 🙂

  29. haha, I think it’s funny, that the name brand on my clothing is so important that it was mentioned twice.
    The hoodie was a gift, it’s nice, and it keeps me warm. Where it’s from isn’t really that important, now is it?

  30. I knew what I would need to look for but admitedly I firstly looked at the neck, then the eye brow and then the nose. I don’t know if that means anything?

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