14 thoughts on ““Geishas love MAC”

  1. i actually thought the same thing, the kind of people who buy such vibrant makeup like MAC and look so painted remind me of geisha as well

  2. i love vibrantly colored tattoos. and on a tiny sidenote, i think it’s more along the lines of a chinese opera character than a geisha.

  3. Its actually based off of a face chart from one of MAC’s earlier makeup lines but I can see why people would think of Chinese opera when they look at. I wanted a really avant garde makeup look for her instead of more traditional makeup.

  4. MAC products rock! Kinda expensive, but great quality and worth every penny. I would love to buy more of their products when I get more spare dollars. Bills over beauty. 🙁

  5. The only thing “kinda lame” is calling other people’s tattoos lame, especially when you know they’re reading the comments.

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