ModBlog culture influencing YouTube culture?

So ModBlog’s “Skullboy” as he’s come to be known out on the weeb, has tribute videos out about him on YouTube! I thought that was pretty cool, and just goes to show you how fascinated people are by what he’s done (note: the video’s best part is near the end, so don’t give up).

And a second video as well:

53 thoughts on “ModBlog culture influencing YouTube culture?

  1. lol @ shannon. obey the skull. lol. that video confused me til the end. i wondered how she wiped full designs onto her face. lol!

  2. that remix came on the single, its the paza remix. on the single there was also another badass remix that i didnt like as much tho cause it wasnt so bubbly

    i love this vid though! its so awesome

  3. The song is from a Beck remix album (duh). From what I have its called “Hell Yes Remix EP. Dunno if Shannon minds links but info can be found here:
    Hope that helps everyone who is going to ask and everyone who asked!

    Ps. Thanks for posting that video, it was awesome!

  4. The backwards effect makes it look, to me, like she’s removing her skin face to reveal the skull face beneath, especially at the “teeth sweep.” Very cool.

  5. It took me until about the last few seconds to realize that it was actually backwards. At first I thought it had really, really good special effects.

  6. That’s paperlilies, i watch all her youtube videos 🙂 she’s great.
    but i did school her that that’s not “skullboy”, and the photos can be found on modblog. i did some pimpin!

  7. haha that was awesome! at first i was thinking, those paper towels are dirty and she’s just getting more stuff on her face!
    that was great

  8. Took me until about the middle to realize it had to be backwards video, too.

    The makeup job is excellent though, she gets it looking just right!

  9. man i prefer the second video’s capacity to showcase her abilities, to the first video’s sheer disturbing nature!


    skullboy marches on!

  10. Wow, anyone who’s ever put on makeup can appreciate the complexities of this girls job. Whew, well done!

  11. I am crazy jealous of her skillz
    And it also took me to pretty much the very end to figure out the first video >.

  12. Oh she’s amazing with her makeup. I can’t stop watching the vidoes, it’s just amazing how well she duplicates the tattoo.


  14. Wow, that’s cool as hell! What made her decided to do this I wonder?
    (Just out of interest, does she have any mody bods?)

  15. She is such a talented artist. I looked at some more of her stuff… stunning work.

    I feel so bad for all the terrible comments that “skull boy” recieved in his debut…

    People are so mean…

  16. that’s fantastic!
    she did that really well.

    also, i just downloaded the beck remix ^_^

    i like the 2nd song too i wish i knew what it was.

  17. She is such an excellent artist. I couldn’t figure out how she did the first video because she kept using clean rags. Watching the second video was key.

  18. She is extremely talented, especially as it seemed she did the whole thing immediately with no mistakes.

    Have just checked out the Skullboy thread with 600 responses, some of them are just plain baffling.

    “He needs Jesus in his life”.


  19. Fantastic! After the comments to the original post got so nasty and mean-spirited, it’s refreshing to see these videos. (Not to mention, I totally concur with everyone above who complimented her makeup skills!)

  20. If she wants a job as a makeup artist in hollywood all she needs to do is submit this , awesome , bravo , supurb!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock

  21. If she wants a job as a makeup artist in hollywood all she needs to do is submit this , awesome , bravo , supurb!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock

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