If I ever decide to get tattoos that’ll make me look dangerous in prison (I’m currently more in the “mega-target” category), I think I’ll go to Yaya at Murda Ink in Queens, NY. I’m not sure if that came out right, but I thought this was a pretty good example of “I want a tattoo that’s going to make me look even tougher!”

16 thoughts on “FEAR NO MAN

  1. He looks like the kind of guy who could deal with most anybody who thinks they should be feared.

  2. i’m not sure why, but that tattoo didn’t make me think of tough guys…it made me think of gay sex.

    fear no man? hehehehehehe


  3. The first thing I thought of was this guy bent over a toilet in a prison somewhere getting fucked by his cellmate “Cabe”. Then again, maybe that IS what he means by ‘fear no man’? Still…I have to laugh. its a ridiclous boast in any case….and I wonder if he instead fears women? The sign only pertains to men, not WOmen!

  4. Shannon – Actually, if you think about it, if they really looked at your chest tattoo, the might think you go around cutting guys dicks off. Or something to that effect. Maybe it would protect you? Maybe not.

  5. I just got this image of Shannon standing in the showers soaping up his porn chestpiece as all the other burly inmates eye him. hee hee.

  6. I’d have to agree with Wonderland. A good look at your chest piece just might creep out most guys who’d think you were a ‘target’ otherwise, Shannon. 😉

    Not a bad tattoo though. Simple. Well done.

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