It’s like being stabbed eight times

BME has covered subclavical piercings in the past, and recently in an art context, and we have a gallery of various “deep piercings”, but I have to say that the subclavical piercing is one of the few piercings that deeply concern me. Because it directly bypasses and opens a channel through the body’s primary defence mechanisms, it’s effectively like having puncture injuries penetrating into your inner body (like past your ribs), and leaving the weapon in place for your body to heal around. I’m always impressed that people seem perfectly capable of healing them… These are by Urea in Joao Pessoa PB Brazil.

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43 thoughts on “It’s like being stabbed eight times

  1. hopefully microdermals are as great as they seem so then the aesthetic of this can be achieved without the insane amount of risk. in person, i’ve only seen scars from sub-clavicles, never healed ones…

  2. “hey baby, can I be on top? your wonderful soft boobs are brushing against my poorly healing, seeping fleshwounds and it hurts.”

  3. Seeing things like this always make me laugh at myself for worrying what my surface piercings might do to my health.

    Apart from the infection danger, the bars must rub against his collarbones constantly. Brrr.

  4. Those do scare me a little. Aside from the bruising and such they are sexy, but couldn’t the same effect be achieved with normal surface piercings that would have been a ton safer?

  5. after breaking my collarbone even someone touching me near it sends a chill though my body. that photo is my personal hell.

  6. Those are healed? Aside from the huge risk of sepsis here, I have always wondered how one manages to avoid the huge honkin’ blood vessels that run just deep to the clav. I just wouln’t want to take that chance.

  7. This kind of piercing scares me too. They look nice and all… kudos to the people who take care of them and manage to get them to heal.
    I am just waiting for the day when the wrong person decides to get a subclav, doesn’t take care of it and ends up with flesh-eating bacteria or something. The media would have a hayday with something like that. :(

  8. but these don’t look healed at all, they look very angry and any aesthetic value in the piercings themselves is outweighed by their “my chest is growing big red bulbous scars”ness. just because you -can- do something doesn’t mean you -should- or that it’ll look good…

  9. The first thing that occurs to me when I look at this is how awful it would be to grab both ends and pull forward/out, pulling from behind the bone. The idea of looping things under bones just doesn’t sit well with me.

    But hey, if he likes ‘em, and actually manages to heal something that deep, then good for him.

  10. I was so bummed when I saw these.. cause I’d been toying w/ idea of having double on each side, since my current ones are good.. n

    #18—omg, I have sub clavicles, and I just had that thought the other day, how someone could like to torture me yank on them, to see whehter the tygon or bone would give first.. eekk..

    also though, only the one looks really bad, on his right side, the inner bottom one… like mine look reddish around it at times, mine are about 4 months old and go in phases, from being fabulous and amazingly awesome, to sore and making my shoulders and arms sore as hell..

  11. Yipe. Far be it for me to tell people what and what not to do with themselves, but… that seems to me like a very bad idea.

  12. How are these more dangerous than deep mandible piercing? Those seemed to be praised quite a bit and seem just as dangerous in terms of how deep, and how much muscle they pierce, and how long of a fistula is trying to be created?

  13. Esmeray…I’m confused by your posting. Do you mean you have one set already and those are healed? After 4 months? BUT they are still reddish ‘at times’ to sore and making your arms hurt when your raise them. And you already want to add another set? Ummm…I’m not a piercer, but if you could manage to truly heal a piercing like that in less than half a year I salute you but healed piercings aren’t ‘occasionally red around the outside”. It doesn’t sounds like your piercings are fully healed. Healed piercings shouldn’t make other parts of your body hurt to move. Am I missing something here? Any piercers or other people who’ve had these a lot longer? I’d love to hear from folks with them over 3 years or more-something with more longevity.

  14. If you guys take a look at the end of all the four piercings, you’ll notice that they don’t look like straight bars under the bone, especially the fourth one (left to right). Their ends doesn’t match really…

  15. I’m not a doctor, but if you’ve got piercings that are making your shoulders and arms hurt four months in, take them out. Pain is a sign that something is wrong, to take a line from madonna.

  16. Am waiting for the first ‘bargain basement’ piercer to attempt one of these and truly fuck someone up and the obligatory resulting legislation coming through on the back of it.

  17. I don’t like those at all.

    Collarbones make me a bit squeamish now, my boyfriend broke his in two places about 3 months ago and now he has a very sharp point just below the surface of his skin where it’s healed sticking straight up instead of across. I’m always afraid it’s going to come through!

  18. *shudder* man i don’t usually get squeamish, but along with comment 13, after having broken both of my collarbones, this gives me the chills. And to think people want to tug on them eeeugh. Looks pretty sweet though… just makes me cringe, haha. Take care all.

  19. It’s not the hazards or possibility of danger or health problems with this type of piercing that bother me. Life is about taking risks! It’s the fact that I haven’t seen a single set look even close to healed or even un-painful, yet they continue to leave the jewelry in place. I see this as no different from any other red, inflamed, pussing piercing in a lip, earlobe or surface piercing, where everyone expresses shock and horror that the condition is allowed to deteriorate so badly. But because this is rare and risky, basic concerns are ignored over the effort to prove something.

  20. rapa ja faz 1 ano ke o muleke ai tem esse piercing!! e ta na limpeza!!!! e eu vo colocar + 2!!!

    e pra kem pode nao pra kem ker!!!

    se vcs se tao tao assim com a saude e so vcs nao viveremmm!!!


  21. #35
    He said these piercings are 1 year old and in a few urea is going to add two more piercings…

  22. okay, so my arms/shoulders only hurt for like a few hours in the middle when they ache from them, and that only occured like once in the past couple weeks…

  23. I worry about the amount of movement that occurs in that area of the body. Your clavicles actually rotate when you raise and lower your arms. Pierce too deep and your lungs are right there, pierce too shallowly, and you run the risk of rubbing the piercing on the bone. Yikes! I get the feeling that even if the surface of the piercing were to heal (which sounds unlikely) that there would always be inflammation beneath the clavicles.

  24. would look so much better if they were placed more symetrically, as id doesnt look straight at all.
    i`ve had mine for a year, and apart from bad scarring (the top holes were placed too low and they moved up a bit during first weeks), they seem to be getting a bit happier.
    were very painful during first month, i couldn`t move my arms properly, but as soon as the pain was gone, they didnt give me any more problems, except for the way they look.
    they`re slowly getting better though.

  25. Did you ask a surgeon to do this? I mean that pretty invasive, you can collapse a lung of get a serious infection, what kind of formation does the piercing duy/girls has to cosider themselves surgeons? That should not be performed by people with a 3 hours crash course on collarbones.

  26. I think these are very beautiful piercings. In my opinion even when they look somewhat irritated there is still something amazing about them. There is always a general worry about things that are not common practice, and are still generally not widespread. This piercing is at a higher risk then other piercings but it all depends on how well you take care of something, and if your body can anatomically handle the piercing. I am sure that when tongue piercings or nipple piercings first came about there was a general concern where nowadays some people would not think twice about getting them. People do alot crazier things than this.

  27. I have seen a few great looking subclaivical piercings, but those look irritated and like they are perhaps migrating. Personally, this piercing is not for me considering how many risk there are, but to the people who have this piercing I have to give you my respect for going through with it.

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