Correction Time: The Force

When I first posted this (well, a photo taken in the same set) I thought it was a flourescent tube. Turns out that I was wrong and HBcubs is actually taking on a lightsaber through his giant labret. It’s lucky that piercing is there, because as I understand it, otherwise he’d just be a pile of clothes on the floor.

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20 thoughts on “Correction Time: The Force

  1. FFFFF FFFFF FFFF SSSHHHWIIINNN FFFF FFFF PPPQQ PPPQQQ I dont know how to spell out star war sounds :(

  2. Wow, that’s one of them fancy pants expensive light sabers. They go for about $200 on

    Cool picture.

  3. He would only dissappear if he was a Jedi master. sheesh… ¬.¬;

    I have to admit, that is quite cool.

  4. You know, lightsaber technology would be perfect for piercings. Imagine little 10ga lightsabers….poke! cauterised! no healing issues since it ain’t a puncture wound!

  5. ..boy this picture sure is spawning some brilliant ideas.

    I’m trying to figure out what labret-man’s shirt says. ?

  6. I was thinking the same thing. Its not everyday that you see a little kid arm and arm with a syringe.

  7. the only reason old “ben kenobi” became a pile o fclothes is because he chose to die and enter the force . Under “normal” circunstance it just cuts and corridarizes all wounds clean.

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