16 thoughts on “Think about how it was taken

  1. yeah i thought it was Gaelic/Irish too plainly cos of the colours. but nothing in irish that i know of is ‘niap’ or niaq, nia is niece though. learn something new everyday 🙂

  2. because of the nature of this persons hip and shoulder area, and the staw-like nature of the hair they look really androgenous. i went to thier page tho and its a lady. surprise! and dang… that thong is somethin else. but i do dig the tattoo though, i really like the font

  3. well,i guess i’m the only one who immediately thought, she is[insert nice thoughts about tattooes].

  4. how could you have any doubts about her gender? She looks pretty feminine to me, even though her body is toned. amazing body by the way, and very cute thong. tats also great of course!

  5. Male or female, I even tried to work it out from the types of shampoo, cannot read the bottles clearly tho lol 🙂

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