What, you thought there’d be no posts?

OK, I’m not really posting — just like two posts a day — but I did end up prepping a bunch of stuff for the remainder of the year (not that you couldn’t just look at it on BME first of course). Anyway, I love size dichotomy like between Lynn and Skarekrow. I admit that I exagerrated it a little but you can track down the original if you want and see that it’s quite an imposing size differential!

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37 thoughts on “What, you thought there’d be no posts?

  1. Reminds me of my 7 foot tall cousin and his 5 foot short wife.

    Oops. Ex wife.


    These 2 are cool :)

  2. well im 196cm tall and weigh in at a minor 145kg, shes just 164cm tall and weigh in at a whooping 45kg.

    thanks for all the comments, wasnt really prepared to see my self on the top of modblog, thanks shannon.

  3. Haha, reminds me of me and my Dad… he’s 6’3″ and I’m 5’1″. It’s like giant vs. midget :-P

  4. Frester – he posted a few above you “im 196cm tall and weigh in at a minor 145kg” so about 6’4 and 320 as compared to “164cm tall and weigh in at a whooping 45kg.” which is about 5’3.75 and 99 pounds.

    Reminds me of my friend and I, I’m just under 6’4, she’s just making 4’11. Quite the interesting stares we get.

  5. Daayum… he’s a big boy. It’s people like this that always make me wonder what they mean when they say they’re “going clubbing”… I feel like there’s a good chance that my friends of similar dimensions are actually talking about bludgeoning people.

    I can understand the height dynamic too… I’m 6’5″, and for some reason I always find myself with girls under 5’2″.

    Oh, and screw the U.S. for not adopting the metric system… I had to go look up a conversion calculator online for skarekrow’s height and weight, and felt like a jackass the entire time.

  6. Haha, my boyfriend is 6’8″ and I am 5’1″. We go together like two peas in a pod though. As they do, I’m sure. The look in Lynn’s eyes says I’m seducing this big piece of man, now back off and leave us alone! Heh.

  7. I’ve been with my fiance since I was 14 (now 18) and we used to look like that together… I’ve grown a lot since then, though. Wish I was still short, that photo looks great.
    Hang on, 45kg? Isn’t that quite badly underweight? (Not trying to be rude or anything, honestly!)

  8. That’s a cool looking couple. Great picture. My first thought was Marv from Sin City tho when I saw him. I dunno why.

  9. not a member yet, so any possible way someone can post an outside link to the original pic? pretty please?

    that is such a difference! i love it

  10. The original picture is so very minutely changed.

    That is the size, all he did was brighten it and drop his sholder a bit with her body.

    You two look great together!

  11. Thank God (Shannon!), Modblog postings! I was prepared to have to deal with some serious withdrawal *shivers*

  12. 45kg’s not underweight if it fits one’s frame, and it certainly fits hers. That being said, I knew someone who has a chihuahua bitch that got knocked up by a mastiff/rottweiler cross, and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo, hahaha! I don’t mean that in a mean way, it just struck me as funny. ;) Great photo!

  13. The blue satin boxer shorts kinda ruin this picture for me – hahah! I have a severe aversion to tacky underwear :)

    Great picture otherwise though.

  14. I love this picture…it’s absolutely awesome!!

    it kind of reminds me of myself and my girlfriend (she’s japanese…and appropriately TINY)…though i’m certainly no where near that size. damn man! go you!

  15. satin boxers rule, ive got like a hundred different, some with homer and some with snoopy, all to please.

    the pic should be in the public gallery under septum piercings if im not mistaken.

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