Why going to a quality artist is important

…even if you don’t go to the quality artist the first time around. Johnny Thief, a great artist who relocated down to Georgia with Seppuku Tattoo writes, “people wonder why we moved to savannah — to save tattoos like this!” Anyway, enjoy your Christmas morning present of Satanic cooter. It’s pretty much all I had on my list. Sadly I don’t think I got it.

17 thoughts on “Why going to a quality artist is important

  1. That’s just hilarious on so many levels. And the (vastly!) improved version is hot. 🙂

  2. 6 pints at Skippy’s Stink Hole: $12.00
    Shitty tattoo done by the Crack Rock Tattoo Shop: $30.00
    Amazing cover-up tattoo done by Johnny Thief: Priceless

  3. This is one of my greatest fears. To end up with a horrible tattoo. But seeing this is a bit of a relief, ’cause I can always try to save it if it ever happens. Haha. Let’s hope not, anyway.

  4. Oh my…this is something I need to show people when they tell me that my tattoo looks terrible. There are terrible artists out there, but the re-done version of this tattoo is fantastic. 🙂

  5. I really like seeing the before and afters like this. I feel bad for people who have crappy tattoos, but seeing what it was turned into shows that some people can get a do over.

  6. “6 pints at Skippy’s Stink Hole: $12.00
    Shitty tattoo done by the Crack Rock Tattoo Shop: $30.00
    Amazing cover-up tattoo done by Johnny Thief: Priceless”

    The BIG problem, is this didn’t come out of a trailer or a scratch shop. It came from a well known, popular shop, (that will remain nameless) who’s owner is heavily tattooed with world class award winning work, that he often claims was done by him,… (I’m talking 60 hours of Guy Aitkinson work). People will believe anything a tattoo artist will tell them.

    I just really do not understand at all. There are people who will get & DEFEND work like this, someohow denying what their eyes tell them, to the death.

    And if I had ever done a tattoo like the before shot, it would be the last tattoo I ever did & I’d be trading stocks or selling McGuire rookie cards on HSN or something. I can’t fathom a tattooist who does work like this & can sleep at night. This guy is in the business three times as long as I am,… (This will be year seven for me).

    This client has Joe Capo’s matching angel girl on the other side, which was painted with almost zero black & is 10 times worse than this one, so more repeat business for me. Too bad I can’t be an artist, instead of a dermagraphic janitor!

    Thanks for posting this, S!

  7. great piece, i mean wow, makes me stoked to see what can be done with a bad tat, best cover up redo i have ever seen.

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