I thought it was a urethral reroute!

…but it turns out that Wizzer, Squ3z, and Tyler (Anomaly Studios, Pasadena CA) have done the world’s first guiche microdermal. Well, I suppose if you want to test the durability and survivability of this procedure (more), this is a good way to do it.

30 thoughts on “I thought it was a urethral reroute!

  1. I need to stop drinking it took me a while to figure this one out … All forgiven its christmas… hope your enjoying yourself shannon

  2. Masticate, I’m cold sober and I had to stare at it for about six minutes before I figured out what the hell was going on, too.

    That’s neat… I hope it does well. :)

  3. i find its the worst part of getting anything sensitive pierced…whipping things out
    hopefully itl be durable enough, i really want a microdermal or 5 soon :)

  4. Well. I’m with the other people who thought this was a girl at first. So I’m glad that -other- people- thought the same.

    And just to state the questions, if you’ll notice, he’s holding his junk. Just it seems to be really, really close to his ass crack.

    All and all though, it looks interesting. Would like to hear updates on it. … Not that I have a plan on getting that though. I like sitting down.

  5. the BME Money Shot !!! think yer looking at a guy with female genitals??? nope he’s just getting his grundle pierced… i will leave my guiche un-stabbed for now… hope he doesn’t like sitting or riding motorcycles… haha… goes good with the fire crotch i guess… grandma loves this kinda shit…. wondering also about healing and fecal matter… not usually a good combo

  6. Much love to everyone for causing me to look up synonyms for the Perineum.
    Yes I had to look it up.

    Might I also add: taint, choda, gooch, banus, and nacho.

  7. I was truly wondering when this was going to get posted. Thankfully i was studying for finals the weekend this happened, but then again, it woulda been hilarious to see it done in person. And more props to the trio that was credited.

  8. It took me a moment to figure this out, then I started saying, “Ouch.” That must have hurt like a bitch, but damn, that looks really cool! :)

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