Patrick’s Implant and Piercings

Patrick from Denmark has some of the most intense facial mods — tons of piercings, transdermals, and subdermals — of anyone I know, and it’s been fascinating, because he’s been a BME contributor now for quite some time, I’ve been watching it evolve, get sort of chaotic and off balance for a while (sorry), and now come back into focus in what I think is becoming a really mature and great looking set of mods.

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57 thoughts on “Patrick’s Implant and Piercings

  1. Yeah, I was going to say – I like it all except for the crooked bridge. For a piece that’s so symmetrical (the piece being his face/head), the bridge really throws it off.

  2. have any of you ever imagined what he would look like if he took it all out?

    but i like the crooked piercings (his chin as well) …. it makes it more interesting

  3. If ever he decided to remove it all, im sure he would need quite a lot of corrective surgery.

  4. I’m surprised.
    I’m from Denmark (for the record not a country where heavier modifications is seen often!) and I have never heard of this guy.

    Patrick, hvor I landet kommer du fra?

  5. How many times a day do you think people ask him how many piercings they have…or if that hurt. I really don’t know what to respond when people ask me those questions. I have some private piercings that I don’t want to give away in the count and I try to compare the rest to ear piercings that most of them have and ask if their lobes hurt them. I really have no quick non-rude response.

  6. Lilish- “I have [# ] piercings and of course they hurt. You’re shoving a needle through your body but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them” then smile =). That’s what I do.

    And btw, I love this picture. I believe he looks sexy and without the piercings he’d just be too normal.

  7. What would happen if he got into an altercation with so many piercings. Does it hurt more if one of the implants is punched or hit. Are implants a liability or would they hurt someones hand. It looks cool but I hope he’s real peaceful.

  8. I counted 23 facial piercings…that’s PIERCINGS. Uh, wow. Too much free time on my hands. Anywho, I like that it’s symmetrical, but it must be a bitch to get through security.

  9. Not that I want to ruin the festive mood in here… but I really think this is too much in an esthetic way of view. Even if thee is a message to other people when one is facially pierced, the message this person is sending isn’t really a beautifull one (in my opinion). If he likes it, it’s good for him, in really don’t care about it. For myself, I don’t like it.

    Have a great one.

  10. that crooked bridge is realy annoying somthing like that on me would drive me nuts, but i like all the other piercings

  11. The earl and vertical labrets blows it… Really, asymmetry can be cool cometimes but when you’ve got this many mods and a few are “off” it blows the whole concept.

  12. Looks ok I guess but that crooked bridge and vert labret draw too much attention (if at all possible) if I’m honest though I think he would look much better with more than half of the piercings around his mouth removed some of the others too but aside from my viewpoint it does look good and those are some gnarly implants

  13. in almost every photo ive seen of him, he always looks shocked. intense mods, maybe if he had a really short nylon ptfe through his bridge then it would sit closer together and even it out slightly. thats what i did with my double nipples ^_^ stupid migration…

  14. I want to see him make various facial expressions.

    I agree with Simon, although I often like it when people have many facial piercings, in this case I feel like its too much. I personally like it when piercings accentuate, or look like they belong on the person’s face. Here it just looks cluttered. I think maybe if the balls were smaller, or if he took out just a couple piercings it would be more aesthetically pleasing.. but maybe thats not what he’s going for. Plus beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if he likes all his peircings, and it makes him happy, then thats what matters.

    Power to ya patrick.

  15. He looks like a modded version of my history teacher. I don’t mind the bridge being off center, I think it makes his face look more interesting than if everything was just in perfect symmetry.

  16. I wonder how the inside of his mouth/gums/teeth will hold up with all those piercings… i know several people including myself who over time had irritated/receeding gumlines and chipped teeth from mouth related piercings…..

  17. m – Are you counting the forehead? That looks more like something subdermally like transdermals or something.
    ANd his face is too cluttered for my taste.

  18. opinion..

    Nothing at all is off in this picture.
    Its all exactly where it should be.

    Granted any two points make a line but there are a number of locations where the balls of the jewely make a line:

    Bridge (aka Earl) to Eyebrow barbell ball
    Medusa to Verticle Labret to Low Labret

  19. My eyes were drawn straight to the bridge. That isn’t a bad thing. It just stands out from the rest of the symmetry.

    I wouldn’t get so much done, myself, and I think it looks a bit busy on him. Which also isn’t a bad thing.

    He has quite a project done, quite successfully and it suits him. I agree with the post above. “Its all exactly where it should be.”

  20. seriously, well put, “a really mature and great looking set of mods.” it certainly is fascinating how his work doesn’t look cluttered. stunning and beautiful. often times work this intense and numerous looks like it hasn’t been well thought out. but this looks pretty perfect.

  21. I think it might not look so obtrusive if smaller sized balls were used.

    I am all for the “to each their own turn of phrase” but I myself personally think that it’s too much.
    At least the symmetry is there. However, I think the bridge looks like it’s on it’s way out personally. A shorter bar would hang better.

  22. wat kinda job does he do?
    im wondring cas im planing more facial mods and dont know if i can get a job whit them

  23. i know this guy, and he is rather cool. And i know he has a lot of piercing peopel dont see. :)

  24. OK. Maybe I am old…. but EEEEW! Noone is addressing just how stupid that looks… Are you all deranged?

  25. Wow, amasing work, but I can’t stop thinking that it must hurt somehow when he goes to bed and how much time does he needs to shave… BUT I DO LOVE THE FINAL RESULT

  26. Patrick have beeing a customer of my shop for serval years. Over the time we have done more than 100 piercings lots of scar’s on him, and he have collected mods from Lukas Zpira every time he have guested my shop. He is a cool and peasefull guy wery much in to heavy body mods.

  27. I think he looks amazing.
    Crooked piercings and all.
    I personally love guys with lots of facial piercings.
    But that’s just me.

  28. definatly an original project. i love all the piercings but im not really a fan of implants, they kinda get 2 me but the V looks awesome i must say. i hav 13 piercings currently (used to be 14 but i had 2 remove my tongue piercing cuz it moved too far to the tip of the tounge) and its really shocking how easy it would b 4 me 2 turn out like this fella, cuz piercings (like tattoos) i find really addictive and one leads to another which leads to another, and you get more radical as you conquer all the piercings ppl would consider as over the top and you tend to do ones ppl would neva dream of seeing. some piercings are definatly an aquired taste while others are as common as mud but this guy has definatly given old piercings a new spin : ). but i believe it would b hell to eat, sleep, shave, get a job that allowed them, get into a fight and id definatly hate how long it would take to put it all back in!! but its definatly oringinal nd i say good on him!. : )

  29. 11. If he had all 1/2 Inch Labret spikes for screwbacks on his face he would look like pinhead. Which is sorta what I was going to do with the left side of my face.

  30. I like the simplicity of all of it. It’s really clean looking and the nearly uniform size of all the piercings brings it together. They look heavy. I wonder what it would be like to kiss him… ^__^

  31. Firstly, two comments… Shaving has to be an interesting task in itself, and I would hate to be him if he ever needs an emergency MRI.

    Other than that, yeeeeee. Awesome. That’s some serious dedication to body modification, and kudos to him for ignoring any negativity I’m sure he gets all the time and doing what makes him happy!

  32. a little extreme i think, i mean, the forhead thing…hey, his choice, not mine. its pretty in a way..artwork. but on a regular person..its a little strange. but cool

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