Fight Club Tattoo

I definitely didn’t guess that! Mims writes, “this is my brand new tattoo, semi-inspired by Fight Club. It’s a Nitroglycerin molecule inside a heart with crossbones, meaning my heart is explossive and deadly. Sort of speaks of random teenage heart break and mood swings.”

Lior at PsychoTattoo in Tel Aviv, Israel, did this piece.

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50 thoughts on “Fight Club Tattoo

  1. i really like the colour, wouldnt have guessed its a fight club tattoo though…still dont get it. But meh its still hella cool

  2. thats some aweful hair, but i like the colors on the tattoo despite its odd description.

  3. That’s a bit rude “jesus” :P haha. I like the tattoo.. the turquoise and pink look pretty together.

  4. I dont like it at all. its like something youd get in a kiddies shop on a tshirt thats trying to be punk

  5. two heart tattoos…kinda repeats itself
    personally i didn’t like

    but i love Lior’s other work

  6. i don’t like this type of tattoo, but i think this one is kinda pretty… i liked the fc’s reference, and i think i get what you tried to say about the explanation and stuff… loved your necklace, btw =)

  7. Maybe she’s going to take a shower. Anyway, when she doesn’t care about it, why should we?

  8. Maybe she’s going to take a shower. Anyway, since she doesn’t care about it, why should we?

  9. She’s a photographer…. she likes to make interesting pictures, i say with that in mind then she can take a picture in her undies if she wants to, besides, its not like its a thong or anything… i like the tattoos myself

  10. I’ve never seen fight club but she’s a really cute girl and seriously who complains about cute girls in undies

  11. I’m impressed by the colors. I always find myself continuously impressed with just what tattoo artists can do and unique colors always interest me. I’m getting color added to a tattoo on my leg on Monday and I can’t wait to see the difference. =)

  12. I like tattoos where their meaning isn’t instantly obvious. Is that a modblog stamp on her cork board, or is it actually (physically) on the board?

  13. I like the colors and I love Fight Club, but the way the reference is worked into the tattoo doesn’t really make sense; if I was simply told it was a nitroglycerine molecule, I wouldn’t instantly think “Fight Club”. More than one heart tattoo is kinda ehhhh

  14. this may be blasphemic…
    one tattoo is on her shoulder and the other one is located at her breast, everything looks beautiful, BUT why isn’t she wearing trousers?

  15. This is hilarious.
    Someone should buy this poor girl a hijab, a.s.a.p! Get over it. You could just as easily ask why has she has her face showing. I’m glad she’s in her knickers, because she looks very comfortable with herself. Maybe you should think about why it makes you so uncomfortable since it clearly isn’t she who has the problem.


  17. This girl needs a hug, a damm good meal, and some sexy undies.

    Nice colour on the ink tho.

  18. Whoa! People seem a little hostile toward this women! It’s personally not to my taste, but I do think it has a quirky charm to it and a lady clad in underwear is never a bad!

  19. Yeah, quite often on Modblog it’s fine for ages, then one attractive, semi-naked tattooed woman among all the hundreds gets subjected to weird abuse! Sometimes there are “reasons” such as Shannon daring to find that hot Tina lady hot, but sometimes the comments are just… weird.
    I’d expect it if the work was very heavy, but this? It’s just a girl with a nicely coloured tattoo.

  20. Simple and lovely, in my opinion. It’s definitely not obvious and somewhat mysterious after all which is rather charming.
    -thumbs up-
    Needless to say – awesome color, too.

  21. just to feed more positivity in here

    i like the Tattoo, here reasons for getting it, the quirkyness of it, and fuck Fight Club is one of the greatest movies out there. plus i think she is a very pretty girl and just because she looks good being that undressed doesn’t mean people should be talking shit about her.

    a great quote i once heard “people usually talk shit about you because they are jealous of you and the life you live” so people please grow up and keep your ignorance to yourself, this girl is gorgeous and deserves some better treatment because we all know you wouldn’t want people cutting you down all the time.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly with Valon.

    1. it’s a beautiful picture with a beautiful girl who feels comfortable in her own skin. The only person I can see who has a problem with this is the person who doesn’t feel the same way about their body. Look at yourself before you cast judgement, maybe your real problem lies in yourself.

    2. Oh yeah, and in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t matter if you personally like the tattoo or not. If you don’t like it that doesn’t make it less significant.

  23. she’s lovely and so are her tattoos. as for the idiot who wrote that all she needs is sexy underwear and a good meal: f. off jerk, if and when she feels like it she’ll eat. or not. none of your business anyway. and her undies ARE sexy.

  24. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. And I didn’t care for Fight Club at all (sorry everyone), but I think her tattoo is really pretty. Seems like everyone’s just all up in arms because she dared to compare her tattoo to Fight Club. If she had given the same explanation without mentioning the movie, everyone would probably have thought it was a really cool concept.

    Which it is.

    As for her having more than one heart tattoo, who cares? Maybe it’s the theme she wants to go for, which I think would be pretty cool. I never hear anyone getting ripped on for having more than one skull or demon or flower or something tattooed on them. But more than one heart is some kind of tattoo faux pas?

    Adorable girl with a cute tattoo with gorgeous coloring. That’s all I’m seeing here.

  25. Well…after seeing it in person i must say i like it.

    even though you stolen my molecule idea..
    (intended to do a “lysergic acid” molecule…but i wont let you having one already get in my way.)
    i still like you. (bitch!) =]

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