21 thoughts on “Incense Brandings

  1. mad respect to that piece. I enjoy the aesthetic result, reminds me of bruises around the spinal protrustions found on emaciated anorexics. it’s all shapeshifting.

  2. off topic, but shannon you should get tested for diabetes if yer pissing blood/losing weight.

  3. i have tryde stiks for branding but i have to many scars on my arm to realy see it::P
    but i want to try this to(i had wanit to bu i sort of forgot:P)
    but i like the way you realy get round scars

  4. That’s really inspired me for what I want on the inside of my forearm (I just haven’t been able to decide for so long.)

    An original and very nice way of doing it. Incense cones are hell if you drop them on furnature, so I’m not surprised they scarred so well!

  5. MatneyX- “I think I enjoy the method more than the result”

    The branding was done entirely for the experience and spirituality of it, not the result, even though I am pleased with the aesthetic turnout of it, that was not the goal.

    Thanks, everybody…and thanks, Shannon- I feel like a rock star.

  6. What is incense cones? Where do I get them? Can I make them myself (from regular incense)?

  7. I’m curious as to specifically how this was done. It’s something I am interested in, but I wouldn’t want to end up, perhaps, with little bits of something toxic imbedded in my skin, if there’s anything that would do that in, I dunno, certain kinds of incense or something. And there isn’t very much to be found about it on the internet.

  8. The best part is at the end, when the bottom of the cone pops off your skin and hits random observers. The highlight of my incense brands.

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