"Poop smear" tattoo

LexTalonis got this Dirty Sanchez finger tattoo as a “protest to the overdone finger mustache tattoos”. In return, I hear his girlfriend has left him as a protest to the poo smear tattoo (j/k). Tattoo by Jason Von Victor at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, VA.

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51 thoughts on “"Poop smear" tattoo

  1. Nah. He should have gotten the thick side of the smear at his finger tip. I mean, how did this ‘poo’ get smeared on? If you go poo searching you…

    …ok, nevermind.

    I really dislike those mustache tattoos so I think this is a great idea :)

  2. “In return, I hear his girlfriend has left him as a protest to the poo smear tattoo (j/k)”

    That’s a shame about the joke. We don’t hear nearly enough about stupid BodMod decisions that people later regret – which, if you think about it, would be just as informative as all the rest.

  3. It would take a while to get used to before I stopped being afraid of giving myself E.coli infections with everything I did. I’m glad I learned of this before the next time I get pierced, or I’d be Concernicus.

  4. I think that the people who get these sort of tattoos have an obvious humour about them. If his girl knew him enough to date him, I would imagine this wouldn’t be so shocking to her.

  5. Yuck that really is nasty, I would not want him making me a sandwich even tho its a tattoo.

  6. Sean is a god that’s all there is to it.

    Long live Sean :)

    and it looks just as realistic in person.

  7. People won’t shake your hand or let you make them a sandwhich because of a tattoo? (As if you would in the first place …)

    I’d make a sandwhich with you Sean.
    Preferably you between me and some hottie girl.

  8. I am so disappointed with you Sean… I mean, why the hell would you get a tattoo that makes the people around you and yourself laugh everytime they see it? I mean, seriously, every single tattoo should reflect a deep meaningfull moment in ones life. Your drunk and mastubating budda, now thats deep. A girl blowing her brains out over the though of not having you? A real life moment, captured in tattoo form. And lets not forget your “Bitch Please” on your backhand. With that, you don’t EVER have to tell them hoes twice.

    But a Dirty Sanchez tattoo? You make me sick. Thats why I left you Sean. It was just too far. I thought you were a better person then that. Do you think that life is fun? It always has to be serious…Didn’t you know that when you have a tattoo, it makes you who you are.

    Dirty, Dirty Sanchez…

  9. Seriously, this is one of the best things I have ever seen.

    Everyone talking shit: You’re just jealous, but that’s okay.

  10. Shawn, actually I didn’t break up with you over the tattoo, it was a lie. I really broke up with you because of your small penis.

  11. “So daddy, when are you going to tell me the story about your shit-stain tattoo?”

    Haha. This shit is awesome. Hahaha….

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  13. My uncontrollable reaction was “Ohhhh nooo!!!” lol… Looks realistic tho.

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