What, modified people can’t be Dolly fans? Dallas is pretty thrilled about this photo! And remember Dolly’s advice: “Find out who you are and do it on purpose, [and] if you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” Seems appropriate enough to me.

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25 thoughts on “Dollywood

  1. hoyl shit, this is too fucked, i have been listening to dolly parton lately and i don’t even listen to country at all (except johnny cash of course). she is a great woman and said she took her look from Mother Goose, Cinderella and the local hooker.

  2. i freakin wish dolly was my mom! i love freakin love her! does she know she made modblog? lol

  3. Dolly Parton rocks. Who else would model themselves after a hooker, just because she wore amazing clothes? She’s given the best advice a person can too.

  4. Dolly is pretty modified herself(and I mean beyond the boobs)plus she’s about as downhome as you can be for somebody who’s been in the entertainment business as long as she has and has sold as many records as she has.

  5. I love Dolly.
    My favorite line from her was when an interviewer asked her how she managed to look so young. Her response? “Doctors.”

  6. D.P. is such a gorgeous and talented person! and yeah, i am sure there are a lot of modified people (incl. me) who’ve turned to her songs during times of heartbreak & hardship….

  7. WOW! What can I say, I haven’t been feeling to hot but I get on here and I’m on MODBLOG with Dolly.


    All the things people have said above are true. She is a really nice person and seems genuine too.

    If you have not ready my experience in my blog about this she tugged on my plug and septum right before this picture, Something I will never forget.

    WOW! I am pretty blown away to see myself here lol…

    Oh and I am the guy in the duds and hat in case anyone wondered.

    WOW!!! THANKS!!!

  8. Hey Sweetie,
    You made the BIG TIMES!! Congratulations……..remember “Just cause a bodys different – that don’t make ‘em mad”!!!!
    Love ya,

  9. Great picture, the weird thing about this is that Dallas knew he was going to meet Dolly when he moved to Sevierville in June on 2006. Hey, they even sang a part of one of her songs together, you can’t beat that!

  10. Dallas rules! Hes living in a great area and im extremely happy for him.

    I would have been equally excited to meet dolly.

  11. Anyone who’s been following Dallas’s page for the past year knows that what he says is true; hell, that’s how he started Another Hole Body Jewelry ( – by paving a new road when he didn’t like the one he and his wife were traveling.

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