"Testicular Juicing"

Courtesy of BME/HARD‘s legion of daring adventurers into extreme realms of sensation and experience… The photo you see here is step eight (“drink and enjoy”). If you want to see some of the other steps and you’re of legal age, click on through.

  1. Tie off testicles tightly.
  2. Choose a large juicing tool (in this case a 10ga piercing needle).
  3. Puncture through the scrotum and outer skin of the testicle.
  4. Be ready with a cup or bowl to collect the juice.
  5. Collect and save the juice.
  6. Amaze your friends with the size of the spike in your testicle.
  7. Become aroused at the though of those friends drinking directly from your testicle.
  8. Drink and enjoy.
  9. Repeat steps one through eight.

As a point of trivia, the person in these photos is also in the ModCon book, featured with a grinning Shawn Porter. If you have the book (now out of print), you know what I’m talking about.

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67 thoughts on “"Testicular Juicing"

  1. I could be wrong, correct me if I am, but the clear fluid would probably be serous fluid (random clear fluid around the body).

  2. Im not normally a queasy person, but I gotta admit the click through gave me the shivers. Maybe cus one of my male friends described his vasectomy in graphic detail.

  3. First thing on ModBlog that has ever made me flinch.

    Damn. I don’t see how one could possibly enjoy that kind of pain, but hey, to each his own.

  4. This didn’t make me flinch. (Quite probably because I don’t have balls.) I just wondered why there wasn’t more blood, since that is going through skin, too. I’m assuming just because the needle is still in?

  5. Made the mistake of clicking through while eating… Threw up in my mouth a little. I feel horrible now. I was not meant to see that.

  6. im a firm believe in the motto “to each his own” but i am also very interested in the question “why?” it just seems …. odd?

  7. In earlier times my wife hade sticked needles in my tied balls too and produced a half meter long juice rays over the bed. This was very, very hot!!!
    One days is broken a needle and she had never stitched me!!!
    Olthough the needle rest is growed in the egg without any complication!

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  9. Not that im saying anything that has not been said, but this is truly the first thing on modblog i have ever been a bit grossed out by. heh.

  10. Fucking hell, Shannon, you really have squicked everyone. Yes, including me. Yayaaaaghuuuuh.

  11. I’m not squicked out in any way. For the record, neither’s my fiance, who is male. That’s extremely sexy.

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  13. This picture sent me hunting as to what the fluid may be. My guess, with the help of wiki, would be that he’s hit the tunica vaginalis and is draining fluid build up called a hydrocele.
    The article explains they’re small fluid build-ups that feel like little balloons. While most causes are unknown apparently they can be caused by physical trauma among other things. If that’s the case – the hydrocele “can be drained as a temporary solution” but it would continue to build up until removed surgicaly.I’ll go back to cleaning my house now.

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  15. Hi,

    I’m also from Germany but I think that’s a really cool thing (well, I have some experience in this topic *ggg*)

    Ciao, SC

  16. I am very interested, where can I get more information, I would also like info on where to get a transcrotal piercing, Thanks.

  17. in earlier times my wife had needled my tied balls and with pulling out the needles prodified half meter long juice rays!!! This was hot and amazing!!! One days a needle is broken down. She never needled me – pitty, pitty – olthough the needle was healed in the egg without any complication and hurts!!

  18. WOW!! I think this is very HOT!!
    I wanna know what it tastes like. I’ve needled my balls but I have never seen so much juice. Mybe I’ll need to try it with a bigger gauge.

  19. Oh yea I love this kind of thing I use needles but never have milked my balls before. I will put it on my list of things to do.

  20. I think – its from hydrocele (i have had some too, and it look so).When is hited a testicle the product is – bleeding.
    My interest – how to produce a artifical hydrocele ???!!!

  21. I have also needled my testicles and yes sprayed on removal. I think I will try usindg a suringe & draining one.

  22. I love this !
    I tried to do it with a small syringe and I didn’t get anything. Does it have to be a 10gauge needle? How far in should one go into the testicle? What about chance of infection?
    Anyone who seriously knows about this please respond !! Thanks!
    [email protected]

  23. The fluid is serous fluid, the same that is found in your abdomen and other places. It is also the yellowish discharge you get from wounds that are healing. The fluid is a shock absorber for your testis. Juicing is dangerous and should never be tried by either 1) anyone who either doesn’t know what they are doing or 2) someone who cares if they loose one or both testicles.

    Juicing can produce a rush of excitement if you are into that kind of thing (and maybe even if your not!) If you are contemplating trying this make sure you use alcohol to prep the area and it would be good to also give a coat of iodine (let it dry). Always use new or sterilized needle, and maybe not as large as the one used in the pictures. The bigger the hole the longer it will take to heal.

    And to answer the burning question.. salty like tears but with a little bit of protein in it.

    Hope this helps guys.

  24. I have try it and its pleasing.Its not nécessarily enter far,1 cm is enough.Very spécial,anything pain. But i prefer the piercing.

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  26. da tempo provo emozioni incredibili nel ridurre i miei testicoli allo stremo lo faccio insieme ad un mio amico trans che gode nel farmi male ai testicoli ..li lego al massimo e mi faccio piantare dentro gli aghi godo come un pazzo ..voglio usare aghi enormi per vedere schizzare fuori il sangue e il liquido che ho visto ..lo bevo anch’io se esce .. vorrei conoscere amici come me [email protected]

  27. i,ve done this many times. to myself and a friend. i use a 6 ga needle, big. all the way to the ball center. it hurts at first until it gets into the ball.. do one at a time.. the fluid will come out clear …. any questions or comments, call me at 508-869=3531…

  28. Wow.
    The drinking part is really gross in my opinion and i’m open to all kinds of wierd shit.
    Seems dangerous too (the needle part)

  29. ive done it dozens of time , always sterile i use those butterfly needles with the clear tubes on them , just long enough to suck the juice out by mouth or syringe weird yea but i learned it of the computer lol , haha go figure.
    my question is it dangerous to remove 5 cc of mine and 5 cc of my friend and swap it sterile of course would it be necessary for both our blood types be the same>

  30. I would love to find someone male or female with some knowledge who would do this to me whilst I am in in bondage…I can be reached on 00-34 658401778…in Spain.

  31. I use a 21g hypo needle. You don’t have to go in too far to get fluid. Some times i never get fluid.. Most of the time there is no pain other than piercing the skin. Going into your nut some times hurts as there seems to be a nerve or two inside. BUT it is possible to go all the way through with out pain. Only once I have drawn blood as i had hit a vessel. The fluid is usually pale yellow like lager.. But some times its tinged with blood. The fluid doesn’t seem to smell and is slippery and goes sticky on your fingers. Ive never tasted it, but have wondered what it would taste like. I tend to play with just the one testicle as if there was a medical problem from needle play I will still have a working one. If you try this, make sure you use sterile wipes and needles.. NEVER use old needles. Don’t be tempted to pull a needle out and insert it in another position.. Get a fresh needle. I would love to do this to some one else. Oh one last thing.. NEVER move the needle around if its in your testicle.. You will stir up the contents and probably cause irreversible damage inside. It can then die off and shrink, and end your ball play !!

    Take care.

    Davey Boy

  32. I skewer my nuts often and enjoy it the first few times were hard now just an extreme turn on
    i use 25 g needles
    i have tasted my juice at first was alot
    its very tasty

  33. I stab my little balls all the time and I use solid needles instead of hollow. If you tie your balls off very tight with your sack stretched as tightly as possible over one or both the fluid will squirt out on its own. As for taste, it’s kind of salty, to me, my cum tastes much better, especially if you do a “urethra enema” first.

    Also, except for piercing the skin on your sack, it is completely painless and to me is actually pleasurable, unless it passes to close to where the cord attaches. Then it gets hard to push through and has feeling of mildly uncomfortable pressure, but still no outright pain. I can’t say what it feels like with a huge needle like in the photos, but once it is inside I doubt there is any more l there is any pain than with a smaller needle, but I am sure it causes more damage. I you’re not planning to use them to reproduce, I would not worry, have fun with them.

  34. I was wondering if I can acturally juice my balls like this? Will fluid acturally come out? Do I need that big of a guage of a needle? Will it come out right away?
    Thank you so much.

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