Like a drug trip: Set and Setting are Essential

Yesterday I posted Fabito’s Petropolis suspension, but I love the set that they found — an abandoned and run-down ski-lift — so much so that I wanted to also share Helena‘s first suspension experience which took place there, by Valnei, with Joao’s help as well. Two more photos: shot in less contrast, closer shot of Helena.

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16 thoughts on “Like a drug trip: Set and Setting are Essential

  1. That makes me think of The Neverending Story, when Atreyu (?) had to walk between those two angel figures. ‘Show courage or get melted’ was the jist of it I think.

    The ‘skiers’ are probably just 2ft tall though aren’t they?

  2. this is a gorgeous picture
    she looks like a puppet on a string….
    could be interpreted with the two figures as being puppeteered by other people.. or God..

  3. piperpan- There’s another post where it shows this at a different and more close-up angle. The “skiers” really are huge, so it is like Atreyu and the Oracles.

  4. it took me a while to figure out what was going on. i had to look at the other pictures a few times lol

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh just looking at that freaks me out cause i have a minor fear of heights. i’d probably also be paranoid about the structural integrity of those skier fellows simply because the height thing would scare me.

  6. Great setting to do it. -I also liked the pics of the antichristo which was done at the same spot

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