Suspension Meet Candids

Joker sends in this photo of Poppie (with play piercings by him) from when she did her four-point suicide suspension with the British suspension group Constant Elevation (they’re the priapists of the suspension world — or so I deduce from my misreading of the name) at House of Wah, London UK.

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29 thoughts on “Suspension Meet Candids

  1. I really like this photo a lot! Her smile…the simplicity of the shot, everything. Ver pretty lady indeed! :D

  2. When I see a picture of some one with si scars that looks genuinely happy I just get that “and this too shall pass” kind of cyclical feeling. She was so low at one point then see a lovely happiness about her. It’s kind of like seeing hope. I dunno its hard to explain.

  3. she just looks janky to me. Black and white photos of piercings make them look like they’ve just got shit stuck in their face.

  4. I am starting to think that there are trolls who come here expressly to talk shit about the people in Modblog photos. I don’t read the comments on every entry, but every entry where I do read them, someone is saying that the person looks like shit for some reason or another (too thin, piercings look like shit, too fat, blablabla). I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and they may even have a valid opinion, but how about remembering that these are actual real-life people and you most probably would not go up and diss them in real life, so how come it’s cool to do it online?

    If the comments are trolls, then they have won and I have lost. I can’t help it, it just makes me so angry. I know a few people who have been “featured” and they are all really beautiful, lovely people, and they’ve all had some sort of negative feedback in the comments about their looks/physique.

    Yes, sometimes facial piercings look shitty in photos, not that it’s particularly the case here but whatever. You can say that without resorting to “She just looks janky to me” — which is a judgemental and personal attack on someone you don’t even fucking know. Think before you write.

  5. Yeah, it feels like I’ve lost too, because I often feed trolls. It just makes me angry. Why would anyone insult someone they know nothing about?
    If they’re just judging on looks, Modblog is full of so many beautiful people – some people COMPLAIN to Shannon because the women here are so much more attractive than average.
    I like to think that it’s just one loser who has written a program that posts vaguely related insults on all sites that it can, as there are such things, but no… it’s real human beings whose entire purpose is to eat, excrete, annoy and waste air.

  6. Hoorah!!! Its our lovely little Poppie. :oD

    Whoever Nick is that thinks she looks “janky” needs to open his eyes. She’s happy, she’s smiling and she looks fantastic. So…hush.

  7. What the hell IS janky??

    I think she looks great, it has a really nice natural relaxed feeling about it, like Joker’s just gone “Hey Poppie!” and snapped a photo.
    If that makes sense….

  8. What makes me laugh is the difference between Lilish’s post and the post after it! All profound and positive… then random expletive and non-existent word. :)

  9. “I think she looks great, it has a really nice natural relaxed feeling about it, like Joker’s just gone “Hey Poppie!â€? and snapped a photo.
    If that makes sense….”

    I think that’s pretty much what happened!

  10. *big smiles* Thankyou for all the lovely comments guys :D And thankyou to Joker for the picture – I love how I looked curvy that day and I’m chuffed I made Modblog!!

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