I feel so left out

Why didn’t my house come with a stripper pole?*

* Let alone a hot girl dancing around it with a BMEheart pubic tattoo!

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39 thoughts on “I feel so left out

  1. she is hot, I like the tattoo, the placement’s really nice.. I’m a stripper, i like it, only bad thing is the bruises..

    also, her nipples are odd, but I like them

  2. A portable pole? That’s actually pretty cool.

    As for the tattoo, I love it and the christina looks good with it.

  3. I love the surface bars/microdermals on her clavicle. I’m not sure which they are. But I’m totally in love with surface work lately, regardless of how it’s done. They accent her figure so nicely.

  4. I’m with Shannon. I feel cheated on both a hot girl and a house with a stripper pole. Where’s the line for both of those?

  5. Its always about her, I never hear, “hey Jason those are really nice pictures you’ve taken, great job!” hahahah

    Glad everyone likes em/her


  6. Whilst everyone is talking about the attractive girl, I am finding the photography in this set quite stunning in itself. The greys contrasting with the blacks of the ink, the shoes and the hair.

    All in all a very artistic piece of work.

  7. I did all three of her piercings, clavicles as well as the christina. The christina is now over a year old and the clavicles are at least 7 months old now.

    From what I see they are healing very well!

    Now if I can only get Jason to take a GOOD picture for my portfolio!


  9. Hellspawn, just to let you know, she got them 2006/09/23 that is not even 4 months. it seems you have quite some trouble giving accurate times of anything these days.. like you experience or how long you have been doing these various modifications. get your stories straight.

  10. Hello:

    What the fuck do you care? How do you know how long she’s been around BME? just because she’s only had a iam page for that long means nothing.

    Second, if you wanna take shots like that, then well.. I’ve been on iam since it was two months old. I’ve had a bme tattoo for just as long, and it was well.. my second or third tattoo..

    All i’m saying is that you have no right whatsoever to make any sort of judgements like that.

  11. Wow, who would have thought a picture would make someone so angry.
    listen “Hello”, Jason is right, I’ve been influenced by BME for a lot longer than I’ve had my IAM page. And I’ll be on BME for a long time to come.
    And you know what? Who cares If I haven’t been on IAM that long, atleast in the short time I’ve been here I’ve made it count. I’ve made some incredible friends on iam, I’ve go to just about every ottawa crew event, I’m going to many more BME events this year and Jason and I are in the top 20 image contributers for 2006. 4th in Canada actually. Oh and did I mention I’ve been on modblog 3 times since I started my IAM page. Not too fucking shabby for only 6 months, but that’s just my opinion.
    You know for someone who is a part of a community that prides itself on being non-judgemental, you’re really quick to criticize.
    As far as the tattoos go, it’s my third and part of an entire unfinished pubic piece. If you actually took some time to check out my IAM page before you knocked me down so quickly, you’d know that I’m in university right now. I don’t exactly have all the money I need to spend on getting all the mods I want and will get.
    And as for the debate on how my clavicals are healing, they’re doing great thanks for asking. Dont bash hellspawn for getting a stupid fucking date wrong. He’s been piercing me for well over a year now, pretty much all surface work (you’ve done 4 on me hellspawn, the lower navel too) and he does amazing work.

  12. I wonder who this “hello” person is. Too much of a wuss to let us know your IAM name eh? What gives you the right to judge someone else for getting a tattoo? I have been around here for a while and I have not seen any rules as to when it’s ok to get a BME tattoo. Why do you think it’s “BULLSHIT”, you seem to be more into judging rather than explaining yourself. Why not open a discussion about it rather than flat out telling someone they don’t deserve to tattoo themselves as they wish. I sure do hope you are not a Lifer yourself with that kind of attitude…

  13. Im SOOOOOOO sorry about the dates on the piercings!

    Sorry that it gets you into such a rotten mood “Hello”!

    Anyways, I hate playing games.

    Good on you J-rin and Jason! Great pictures!

  14. Who would have thought that such a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl would get someone so worked up! Anyway, Jason, Jrin and all have covered those bases.
    So let me just say that yes, jason takes great pictures, Jrin seems lovely ( have never met her, just been to her page) and Hellspawn does great work
    Happiness all around!

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