Vampire Piercing?

This very unusual upper horizontal lip piercing is a DIY experiment by Flash at home in Moscow, Russia.

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33 thoughts on “Vampire Piercing?

  1. This is a great piercing and i think very rare, i had one done not so long ago by Luke at physical poetry in Leeds, UK but had to have it removed due to illness…

  2. horizontal lips hurt worse than any other. ..fuck.

    i took mine out about a year ago after only having it for 6 months or so, you can still see the scar tissue plain as day. ..definitely an interesting piercing while it lasted though.

  3. beautiful eyes.

    piercing is pretty cool but it would definatly get banged around a bit…or something similar.
    doesnt look to safe to keep for a while

  4. She’s very pretty, but I’m not sure the piercing is something she’s going to be able to keep. Shame :(

  5. looks nice, but restricting and looks like it will reject, if it doesn’t piss her off first.

  6. i had the same thing on my bottom lip for almost a year, it healed perfectly and never gave me any trouble, the only reason i took it out was as a favor to some family members for a family function. i don’t see why the upper lip shouldn’t work just as well.

  7. When I saw Vampire piercing I was hoping you had a vampire bite done, But you don’t.

    Interesting look though

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