"Hello sir and how are you today?"

Here’s Alexis suspending with the First Class trains on Platform 1 with Diddy and Delta9 (South Coast Suspensions, UK). I love guerilla suspension! You may remember them from their lightpole suspension, and other guerilla suspensions have been featured in the past here as well — off a tank, in Las Vegas, off a bridge (or something), and lots more in various BME galleries (and there’s even guerilla aftercare).

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21 thoughts on “"Hello sir and how are you today?"

  1. I feel it is disrespectful to suspend in public places.

    It sucks, because I can see the allure of suspending at a beach, in a park, ect. It would be incredibly beautiful…

    But many members of the public who do not understand suspending could be horrified and disturbed by seeing something like this…. What about people who are incredibly sensitive when it comes to seeing blood and needles? What about children?

  2. Eh, well, I’m not as solid as you Abby, but I get your sentiments. The previous guerilla suspension pics I enjoyed – they appeared to be done in public, but it didn’t seem like they actually got caught. That is gutsy and interesting. Kind of like having sex in public, right? But just like having sex in public, the moment your caught, the fun is over. At least- in my book.

    The fact that unexpecting people are in the background really takes away from this for me. Not really on the grounds of “omg, their poor virgin eyes!” and what psychological damage it could do to onlookers, but more on the potential threat it could pose to the suspendee. While I’m sure his team is standing by and could take preventative steps should an onlooker attempt to interfere, there is no guaruntee that they would be successful. What if some real gun-ho person didn’t understand what was at work here and thought it was his/her duty to “rescue” the suspendee? What if they couldn’t be reasoned with, and they forcefully tried to stop the suspension due to personal conviction and a lack of understanding of the situation?

    I dunno. That just sounds like all sorts of bad to me. Similiar concept to not allowing other people/children in the room when your getting a piercing/tattoo done. Hard to predict and control unknown forces.

  3. I don’t care about the poor virgin eyes of the general public. Millions of otherwise ordinary people VOLUNTARILY watched an execution on the internet. That’s sick.
    I don’t want my kids seeing the far more bloody images of war that are all around, I don’t want them seeing people’s disgusting behaviour on every street, I don’t want them seeing the objectification of women that’s all around in advertising, etc. etc.
    They’re going to have to.
    Suspension isn’t a hugely gory sight – kids’ only response would be incessant questioning. Other people’s inability to treat their children like people is not the responsibility of this suspendee.
    Love it! :D

  4. there were FAR moor people at the lamppost incident, alexis had just towed a car round the carpark by the hooks imediantly prior to the suspension.

    If a problem arises.

    I will deal with it.


  5. i’m so used to seeing naked dudes or at least chicks without shirts suspending. it just looks odd with clothing on! love it, anyhow.

  6. well at the end of the day were all pushing for recognition of suspension by the general public……this would be what i call partly…desensitisation, as for kids seeing blood and needles there should be no needle present in a geurilla suspension they should and are disposed of asap prior to the piercing (which is done in a sterile environment…not out on the pavement) and i’ve seen more blood pouring from a kids nose or knee after falling over than i’ve seen from most suspensions. heck everyone has blood its natural and present and that will never change so get used to it.
    i agree with the fact that yes suspensions look good/better and are more purposeful in nicer surroundings i.e. beaches and sunsets…and yes alexis has been there and done that, this way of thinking i would put as….dry ski-sloping instead of hitting the mountains 1. for fun 2. for practise reasons 3. for the kick.

  7. people preach the word of god in public,which make me want to vomit,but it is there rite,even though i dont like it.so why not.and about the kids and violence,dont you whatch the news.its all kill kill kill

  8. …I always wondered what the perks of travelling in the ‘first class’ carridge were. Now I know.

  9. why dog me on the aftercare ? guerilla aftercare is how we roll in the pacific northwest… it’s not straight duct tape, there’s gauze over the wound… not sure why this came up in the first place…

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