Now THAT’S a real woodsman

It’s like Survivorman, BME/HARD style.

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33 thoughts on “Now THAT’S a real woodsman

  1. One word … why?

    I understand most things here, but shoving a thorney stick up your pee hole vexes me. Curiosity, adventure, pleasure? Why carnsarnit.

  2. What’s the risk of infection with doing stuff like this? Each to their own but I’m curious as to the aftereffects…

  3. A lot of stuff other people like leaves me pondering.

    But a stick up the pee hole and butt hole, erm just simply cannot understand this one, guess I dont need to tho.

    I hope he dosnt get any kinda infections, or splinters up his willy.

  4. here i’ve been all these years, wondering how it was possible to be a dendrapheliac without a good-sized drill and a lot of KY jelly. thanks for clearing that up.

    that said… oww.

  5. that is the most horribly disgusting thing i have ever seen! he could get the most massive infection and die from it, or have his penis cut off b/c of infection…what the hell? not to mention he can damage his urethra beyond repair!

  6. Sounding with thorny sticks seems rather painful, but hey, to each their own.

    I would be too afraid of an infection of massive proportions :P

  7. Somebody please enlighten me…what’s the green stuff? I thought at first it was a head of lettuce or something, but in that close up it looks like there are teeth…

    I guess I haven’t been surfing BME long enough to figure this one out. Thanks…i think?

  8. i think i see a skull in there………

    this is very interesting. some fetishes (this one included) i do not understand. other fetishes i dont understand include women popping latex balloons, and watching women crushing glass with their feet.

  9. The only thing that freaks me out here is that green thing. Is it a plant with human teeth? cos that sure is what it looks like.

  10. Now that definitely looks like more fun than cutting my dick off and shoving a red hot poker up my ass!

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