Mirin Dajo

The post about Simon skewering his gut reminded me of Dutch mystic and probably the most extreme Western fakir ever, Mirin Dajo, who could take deep skewers through organs in the core of his body. I saw another video claiming he was a con artist and had a series of healed fistula creating procedures in order to created a healed “piercing” that could fake this. A healed piercing through organs? It’s ridiculous. In any case, here’s the video:

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  1. The video is in french, and it says that it’s not fake, the doctors made a radiography of his body, and even the hearts was transpierced ! Nobody can survive such a thing, fake or not… I don’t know… Weird ^^

  2. the human body is a sturdy and very forgiving construction. we are able to take several shots to the torso, the head and the abdomen and survive. and a bullet creates more physical mayhem than a fencing sword.

    the video is kind of cool, pretty intense if you ask me.

  3. Yikes.

    I remember a previous modblog entry with a guy who had inserted a serious looking needle directly into his navel.

  4. of course he’s got healed fistulas, but they don’t go through any organs. they bypass all that. fistulas can have all the dermal layers. The sword was dull, of course, and he probably lubed up the holes beforehand.

    the most incredible piercing I could have imagined, except possibly for Phineas Gage who accidentally shot a 1.25 inch diameter 3 foot long tamping iron through his head and brain and lived (a somewhat altered existance).

  5. I have seen this video before and I have talked to people in the sideshow community about it. While there was an old carney illusion to pull off a similar stunt, I don’t think this is it.

    Besides, this sort of a legitimate fakir stunt isn’t that far from the realm of the plausible. I’ve seen several people pierce their flesh with swords, even today the fakir will run themselves straight through – though most do so only in the fatty tissue of their side, away from serious internal organs.

    Not to mention, people have survived with entire trees and fence posts driven through their abdomen. A little rapier like that seems bearable.

  6. after reading “cuntcumber”s link, I think this Dajo is one cool chap.
    but to mention Geller? Geller is fake!

  7. Hehe, gotta love the Oldie Worldie French voiceover… The voice informs us that on a separate occasion, they went through his heart, not in any of these images… But doctors confirm that for anyone else, the wound would have been deadly.

    Yes, how the hell do you find out that you can do things like this? Did he try commiting suicide in the traditional “Fall on ones sword” way?

  8. i saw on iam:dreamsofstars diary as well.

    i had to laugh when the guy was sitting on the dr’s table.
    ‘so what seems to be the trouble?’ was the first thing that came to mind.

  9. Sorry I’m late. I really reserve judgment on this film. Placement of the blade could make all the difference and correctly placed could allow for a whole lot. Without modern medical imaging to confirm placement, it’s very hard to know where those blades are exactly. I am going to go out on a limb and call shenanigans on the heart piercing, though. That would quite simply be not only fatal but fairly messy.

  10. I agree with Tony. My first question is how the hell do you figure out you can do something like that? How do you even begin to work towards it? Fake or not, the wow factor is still through the roof.

  11. Damn. And I thought the needle through the foot would be the only thing to make me squirm from ModBlog. Damn you!

  12. I tend to agree with moddoctor that my willingness to believe the story ends at the piercing of the heart. That said, the rest is plausible. There’s modern Iranian/Iraqi footage of fakirs floating around that’s quite similar to Mirin Dajo…

    The photo of Mirin though that BLEW MY MIND was that of him being skewered with 8mm needles, that they then sprayed water through to prove they were real. A dull blade pushes tissue aside, and if it’s nice and smooth, can do surprisingly little damage… but I don’t know if you could pull that off with a tube.

  13. I have seen a simular kinda of thing to this. Dosnt the person heavily meditate before hand to totally relax and stop the blood pumping quite so much.

    Dammit wish I could remember where I saw it before.

  14. Since you like torture and pain, why don’t you go to Iraq and stand in for young people who don’t want to be there.
    I see no constructive use for you in society otherwise.

  15. You know, there is such a thing as mirrored organ syndrome… where basically the organs in a person’s body are located as if mirrored by a normal body’s organs. So everything is on the otherside of where is should be… which could make some that video feasible.

    I’m not convinced though..

  16. je voudrais savoir si tu pouvais m’envoyer la vidéo elle cartonne, jte remercie! Toutes les tof sont supers!!

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