When it rains it pours

So my Ubuntu computer died because I tried to see if I could still boot to my Windows partition — which it could, but doing so somehow trashed the drives so on the next cycle neither OS would load… Anyway, some photos of Bella Vendetta by Johnny Tattoo in a BME shirt.

I lost all of my ModBlog work (like pending entries), which is sort of a pain, and a couple minor things, but all in all it was mostly time lost.

27 thoughts on “When it rains it pours

  1. to get back your saved files, have you tried booting with a live cd, like knoppix, or slackware? just a thought, you’d be able to access both windows and linux partions and the what not. if you havn’t thought of it or formatted the drives already.

  2. were you not using grub for the dual boot? ah well first time i tried installing ubuntu i formatted my hard drive :s
    either way gotta love the armpit tattoos! 😀

  3. Shannon – Really bad luck about the computer – I know what it feels like when they turn against you!

    Bella – Gorgeous tattoos, and those glasses are awesome!

  4. Hey Empress I have my arms pit tattooed and they hold up really well as long as u have good skin there to start with.I had to drive close to 8 hours to the shop I went to so that she could see first hand b4 drwawwing up the quilaty of the skin underneath my arms. she is sexy and they look hot but the lines and the quilty just dosnt look tight to me.~_0

  5. Bradly,
    I was just curious as to whether colour would hold there, thankyou for responding.

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