What kind of red-eyed freak is that?

I’m talking about the red-eyed freak bug on the chin of the red-eyed freak human by the way, not the other way around (photo: Tinaxo, Newcaste, Australia).

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48 thoughts on “What kind of red-eyed freak is that?

  1. Totally a cicada. They rule, as long as they’re not continually falling out of trees and into your convertible.

    /bug expert

  2. Yep, definitely a cicada (more commonly known as a locust in some places). I grew up on Locust Street in NY, and it was named that for a reason. You couldn’t walk 5 feet outside without seeing one of their shells on a branch or plant. Don’t even get me started on the noise they make!

  3. Bugs aren’t my thing. That photo made me cringe a bit. I remember going to a park for a stroll, and I walked underneath a tree just swarmed with June Bugs… scared me a lot. They’re also very noisy, large, and harmless.

  4. great pic .. I really like it … when I was 17 my town had a mordid infestation of the “17 year cicada ” It was crazy … you had to carry a tennis recket with you when ever you left the house to combat the millions of sceamin swarming locusts trying to dive bomb your head lol …. to bad this guy wasnt here looks like he would have been in heaven lol

  5. I winced. Bugs scare the piss out of me for some reason. Incidentally, I wish more people wore larger-gauge nostril rings (that looks like about an 8, maybe a 10, am I right?), especially guys. I think they do a lot more for the face than studs or smaller rings

  6. The cicada appears to be an abdomen amputee, and most likely of species variety: Dead cicada.


  7. DUDE!!!


    I knew our tripped out adventures up in the dunes would make it somewhere.. ModBlog suits it Just Fine!!


  8. I had a friend eat one of those things for 100 bucks. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. That thing was alive and screaming as he ate it. Bleh!!!!!!!!

  9. We’ve got big cicadas in south Texas. Haven’t seen the red eyed guys, yet.
    But they are deafening loud…and if you get hit by one flying by, damn they’re solid. (They don’t steer very well.)

  10. cicades live many years underground, they wil come tot the surface en transform from a nimph to a flying thing, a cuople of days later they die.The tsjirp tsjirp sounds you hear in movies are the sounds from cicades.
    luckely we dont heave those creepy crawlers in the Netherlands.(I hope)

  11. I ever only -heard- these things (Japanese ones). Now that I know what I heard… eep. I’m seriously not a bug person.

  12. fun to catch, love to hear them on a hot summer day. brings back memories from when i was little. makes me want a bug farm. i guess they’re better suited outside though.

  13. i live with both of those bugs. the noise they make combined is ridiculous but i wouldn’t trade it for the world!

    poo i think we should have a giant sunnies party :P we can be king and queen.

    cicadas are fine so long as they don’t pee on you, then you confuse it with rain and think the monsoons have arrived.

  14. Please Shannon, find us the heaviest mods to see that you can… find us anything bloody and gory… find people inserting +3 spiked maces into their orifices if you want. I’ll be pleased.

    But give me a disclaimer before I see a dead bug THAT SIZE. It’s ON HIS FACE.

    Janey, please tell me you are joking about cicada pee. PLEASE.

  15. yaaaargh i rock :D woooo go me, i feel like a cover girl n shit *blushes* hehehe but its sad that cicada spent sum of its last minutes of life nested in my beard

  16. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    OH EM GEE…
    them necklaces [purple and gold] are SO from overflow or crazy clark’s or coles or somefinkk.
    i have themmmmmmmmm!
    let’s start a club..

    but i don’t have big red sunnies,
    or a beard,
    or a cicada..


    i’ll wear my non-existent big red sunnies,
    flaunting my non-existent pet cicada,
    nesting in my non-existent beard.


  17. Due to the red eyes, I believe that this is a 17 year Cicada. Here in Chicago, we had our year where they come out in the billions (seriously) to have a good time then die. They stay around for a month making the loudest noise known. I took some film and had to move from one tree due the to the noise was too much.

    This type will live in the earth for 17 years then come up and do it again.

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