Clavical Cuts

Killswitch KD‘s clavical scars were done by Jon Durante at Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA.

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43 thoughts on “Clavical Cuts

  1. If she, the cats mother, gets bored of it she can adapt it into the Firebird on the bonnet (hood?) on a Trans Am!!!

  2. I wonder if they’re high nostrils or a nasallang myself…the bottom two just look like double nostrils though.

    Those are superb cuttings; they really flow with her body. Also, nice Modblog placement *g*

  3. i’m pretty sure they are just high nostril piercings… due to the size of the ball… remember ladies, the size of the ball tells it all… or at least that’s what i say to my dog when i make pretend he’s a sexy girl… ModBlog readers poll… do i need to get out more and talk to actual girls or should i continue to sit here and pretend my dog’s a woman while pooring Cheese Whiz down my pants and singing “The Sound of Music” in Yiddish??? questions, comments and Cheese Whiz covered dogs welcome… toodles

  4. I love everything about this picture. The scars are absolutely gorgeous with perfect placement. She’s got gorgeous eyes as well.

  5. Oooh, I want something like that now, but my collar bones are being saved for a very special tattoo. Maybe I can incorporate those in there somehow.

  6. I really like the high nostril piercings and the cuttings flow so well with her body. I think they’re going to look awsome healed.

  7. Now that is sexy, original and soft. For me who is not a big fan of scarification, I LOVE THIS ONE.

  8. too much miss used photoshop on this pic..still, nice scar, beautiful eyes… gorgeous lady ;)

  9. Hey, two great people working together, that is really cool.

    Like to see them when they are healed.

    And I agree, great logo placement Shannon.

  10. #26- halo. if u steal my cuts i will hunt you down. period. i have learned there is a guy with brands like my cuts, but i did not know of him before mine were done, and mine were drawn for me, for my body by a tattoo artist at laughing buddha named Nando.

  11. Woah. Ya, they are very nice..
    they just.. flowwwwwwwww.

    Ahahahaha. Gato is a funny little potatohead.

    And I’ll agree, that’s awesome placement with the modblog logo.. but, you also could have put it on her ring, that’d woulda been cool :D

  12. in the same breath you say you would hunt someone down for possibly incorporating something simmilar into a tattoo, and that someone else has brands the same as your cutting.

    people talk a lot of shit on here, but it’s really NOT cool to make threats.

    do you think that you are justified? especially when you are not the only person with that same design? should i threaten people that are inspired by my style of dress/style of speech/style of tattoos?

    you dont have to answer, i would rather you just think about that.

  13. im sorry for making a threat, i take back what i said before, and would like to say this instead, i would be deeply hurt if somebody copied my cuts exactly.

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