24 thoughts on “Communist or Democrat?

  1. Oh, republicans!…. haha my mother is a dyed in the wool republican, and when i registered to vote (regardless of how i actually voted in elections) i had to register as a republican so that she wouldnt cry (seriously!!), and she could sleep easy at night. what a weirdo! haha.. i like this tattoo though, i like how animated it looks. even so, the elephant’s siz pack weirds me out a bit.. lol.. im not a huge fan of animals with alot of human traits. i really like the way the white ink was used around the text to make it look so bright.

  2. very nice work, once you get past the fact that it would probably look much better on a bumper sticker.

    on the bumper of a burning car.


  3. I am considering voting Conservative in the next UK election, and have got so much crap, most of my friends are EXTREME-left!
    *end disgruntled centre-libertarian voter*
    I have never seen a better cartoon tattoo.
    Why is the apostrophe on my keyboard not working??

  4. I don’t really like it, well the tattoo is good quality, but it just comes across as juvenile.

    It’s like when people call Blair a nazi, I mean it’s great to disagree, but don’t name call like little kids.

  5. I consider myself a Republican. I am black, a woman, modded, open-minded, and a smart individual. I don’t agree with most Republican’s social issues but I do agree with the economic area.

    Still a pretty funny tattoo. I’m sure if it had been the other way around they would have gotten praise. There are some of your readers that are Republican believe it or not.

  6. Hey Kitten if ur thick healthy bodied with full lips thick hips and a pretty smile 2 go with sum attitude..we can get married on the next Lunar eclispe~_0

  7. More irony…It appears to be a fat ass or something (thus the stretch marks) that the tattoo appears to be covering up?

  8. I certainly like the metallic quality of the ink, very nice. As for the politics, well, I’m not a politician but everyone has their reasons for doing what they do. I kinda thought BME was about being open-minded and accepting of people’s differences, no? 😉

  9. It would be even awesomer if the elephant had nipple rings 🙂

    Sometimes I want to question the general wisdom of political and related philosophy and lifestyle tattoos (vegan, straight edge, religious, etc.) as an expression of permanent alliance; but it would then seem that I’d be questioning one of the earliest and deepest roots of body modification: tribalism.

  10. be a member of any party is so stupid evryone sholud register indie. then vote for whomever they honestly (not because theres friends or the evil media said to)beleve to be the best for the job.

  11. Well here is what I think…I think that communism is a great idea if people could only put away there fucking ego. Everyone in our country is already bought on the idea that capitalism is the way go… The only good thing about our society are the middle class… or the intellectual people smart enough to know that our country is doing nothing but exploiting everyone else for our so called freedom… so while you people sit and comment and bash on communism look into yourself and your so called democratic views, do you even know the truth or just what you are told and taught at a young age.. all i am saying is question the authority at hand and in our present life before you down something else or someones beliefs ..

  12. shan——-

    You are one stupid fuck. Every time socialism has been tried it has failed. Lazy dope smoking loosers like you think you know what is best for everyone else. Capitalism works every time. Go back to your commune and smoke some more dope, while the rest of us make the world go round.

    “When I was 16 I could not believe how stupid my Dad was, by the time I turned 30 I could not believe all that he had leared”

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