It’s just makeup :(

Her nice big piercings of course are real, done by Onkeltom at Tom Tom in Stockholm, Sweden, but Anna’s blue facial tattoos are of course just makeup. I love them though… it’s too bad the world isn’t more permissive… Can you imagine how beautiful an experience it would be to walk down the street and see nothing but people with a myriad of appearances and visages like this?

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37 thoughts on “It’s just makeup :(

  1. I agree with you Shannon, sometimes I really envy the tribal tribes in the deep forest of amazonia, they have wonderfull face mods and makeups…

    Omg I would love having such make up in my everydays life…

  2. That colour is wonderful on her, and I hope someday she goes through with it. I think a lot of us with no current facial ink have wish lists that we’d get “if only,” or “when I retire,” or “when I’m fifty.” Mos def, it would be wonderful to live in a world in which we could have them (and the jobs and lives we want) sooner rather than later, and I hope to have a hand in making that world.

  3. Oh dang. When I first saw the picture I was excited seeing as she is a very pretty girl, but also the first girl I would’ve seen with a facial tattoo.

  4. there are girls with facial tattoos….quite a few….whos that super famous one…with the show and clothing line?

  5. it would be interesting if more people got theire faces inked but well it aint that common, really nice though what she has done with the make up

  6. since i had my face tattooed life got easier. i found a job, im getting educated and i love life.

    but i do agree, someday it would be nice if more people were more expressive

  7. Whoa this is beautiful! I love it…if she did decided to have that done for real it would look amazing.

  8. It’s not as hard to live with a tattooed face as the non-facially tattooed populous would have you believe.

    With almost no effort I have an entry level day job (I’ve refused promotions to stay in sales) that pays over 35K/yr. Middle Class! Facial tattoo discrimination is almost non-existent. (for me anyway. -anyone else have facial work and notice anything to the contrary?)

    Come to think of it, the only real inconvenience is that I hear the sentence “Is that real?” more often.

  9. i agree with jeremy…. i’ll be doing my facial work soon….and personally i think that when i finish it i wouldn’t imagine me as i am right now. hope we get to see more and more facial tats everyday soon… or later… ;)

  10. I have my face tattooed …make in the high 6 figure’s income and am moving up2 to the high 7 end here shortly.A standard 9-5 pm maybe yes …but i do my own thing and on a daily bases have had no neg feed back only pos feed back from chicks and dudes alike,But then again Im Bradly ~_0

  11. Amendment about the only neg feedback I ever get is from tattoo artist when facail tattoo’s are brought up .They treat the facail tattoo like a stuck up white bread ol man/lady which is sorta funny and sad becuase it’s that same attitude they despise and frown upon when it is made of them and there standard body tattoos ~_0

  12. She’s cute indeed, and the blue she used for her makeup ir really like Bilal’s one…I like it…seems that she got straight out of the comic…

  13. I hope this is kind of like a stepping stone for her to get it permanent. She looks so pretty with it. …
    Oh, but she’s still a stunner even it it wasn’t there.

  14. When I was a small child I saw a pic in National Geographic of a native tribe in Brazil (I believe…it’s been many years ago) and they would tattoo a black vertical stripe down the center of their noses to make their noses look longer and thinner. (A long thin nose being a sign of beauty.) I loved it.

    I would draw a line on my nose with an eyebrow pencil whenever I got the chance. I would draw pics of people and always put a line down their nose. In my child’s eye it seemed beautiful and natural.
    Then school… =(
    Now that, as an adult, I have slowly reclaimed my self (my will to be wierd as my friends call it) I am seriously thinking about that simple black line again. Make-up or no, this pic made me think of it…and esp Shannon’s words.

  15. Los tatuajes de la barbilla son hermosos al menos alguien tiene el valor y le dice mierda a los comentarios de las personas

  16. I don’t think we are all that far off from being a society where these are everyday things. Body modification spans several generations and I believe that by the time today’s youngest generation become adults, Society will be completely comfortable with BM. I have had people try to dissuade me from guaging my piercing or from getting tattoos because of employment issues, but I would think that by the time I’m ready for a steady job to support myself and possibly a family, my employers might be even more pierced/tattooed than I.

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