Bride of Christ

Gotta love nuns and their special relationship with Jesus. See the Shadark bonus gallery in BME/HARD for more in this series.

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92 thoughts on “Bride of Christ

  1. You can say what you want, this in purely my opinion…but I actually find that very offensive.

  2. What’s that crucifix made out of? Looks almost edible.

    Actually they both look edible.

  3. I’m sure no man would mind his image being used as a dildo! Better way to live on after your death than a thousand prayers :D

  4. Man, I love this place, and all the awesome crazies, but what did Jesus’ last stand do to you to disrespect it like that, lady? I’m not Christian, and I still feel uncomfortable with the idea.

  5. Glad to know I’m not the only one that finds this offensive. Sure, BME is all different kinds of lifestyles and yada yada, but aren’t we always asking for tolerance and acceptance? We get mad when the mainstream pushes us away, but stuff like this doesn’t help.
    It’s tasteless and crude, and while it’s well within their right to do so, that doesn’t make it appropriate.

  6. hahahaha.

    fuck tolerance for some of the most untolerant assholes to ever disease the earth.

    piss on christianity and islam.

    back on topic…

    what a gorgeous vagina!!
    thats fucking sexy

    jackhammer jesus owns. and you just can’t beat a baby jesus buttplug!

  7. Agnostics and atheists have passions that are just as important to them as religion is to others.
    But they don’t get to pull the “sacred” card when their favourite memes get violated! :)
    My vagina looks a lot like that one.

  8. When I see images like this, I can’t help but think about how people sometimes forget that there are people behind these beliefs and symbols. I do not know what this person believes in, but I wouldn’t want to violate anything she holds to. Having beliefs (not necessarily religion) is something we all relate to. Some people invest their lives in it and form their lives around it. Some people have felt truely saved by it. Therefore I just think it is just plain disrespectful, intolerant and crude.

  9. Haha, this added a whole new dimension to “Jesus? Stick him up where the sun don’t shine!â€? :p
    Gonna watch my mouth from now on haha..

  10. People are so funny. We get all insulted when someone says or does something that offends our beliefs, but then we’ll turn around and do something that offends someone else, without worrying about their feelings. Does this post offend me? It sure does. But then again I have peircings, and that would offend my parents greatly if they knew about them.

  11. I have that dildo! (It’s made of silicone, for whoever asked) It glows in the dark….heavenly glow, icing on the cake, teehee. And people who find it offensive…sex is natural, and if God does exist, he must have a sense of humor.

  12. haha, thats awesome, I almost like jesus now;)

    If it offends you just don’t look. You’re on modblog after all, if you don’t expect this sort of thing to be shown then you’re a naive turd.

  13. Actually, I don’t think ‘don’t like, don’t look’ is applicable here. When I come here I expect tattoos/piercings/suspension and so on. While not exactly contrary to the spirit of the blog, it’s still not really interesting. Apart from the blasphemy, it’s very ordinary. Boring, even. On topic, I’m kind of ‘eh’ about the piercings themselves. The camera angle isn’t great.

  14. To all the people bashing Christians: if someone made derogatory comments on Mod Blog about Atheists or Agnostics even CLOSE to what is being said here, EVERYONE would be in a fucking tizzy. The double standard is almost unbearable. If you expect Christians to be tolerant, why aren’t you tolerant of them? Grow up.

  15. Well I for one don’t find this in the slightest bit offensive. Someone mentioned athiests and agnostics earlier…Do you think if this was just a pic of a naked vagina there would be athiests crying foul because they were making light of the nothing? I don’t get why people get offended…over pretty much anything. If you have faith, great super, more power to you, I don’t share it, but what ever. But my belief in nothing isn’t shaken or even remotely affected by a photo, so why is yours?

  16. christian hypocrisy at its finest.

    now, im no uber bible scholar, yet i’ve read the bible a few times. there seems to be part of it tugging at my memory about your body being a sacred temple for christ ( i guess the entrance to that temple is the vagina, so jesus is on his way home in the picture ) anyway… being that your body is a sacred temple i’ll wager 10 dollars against your 10% tithe that any religious leader would say that tattoos, peircings, basically all mod blog glorifies are desecrations of that temple

    note, these aren’t desecrations to me

    anyway this shouldn’t even be about religion. it should be about this picture of a super sweet young woman recieving the body of christ

    i better stop before the religious puns spin out of controll

  17. Wah wah wah. How many million people have been murdered in the name of Christ? Now compare that to how many million people have been murdered in the name of atheism. The argument that it’s the same both ways is ridiculous is ridiculous. It’s like saying “you’re a racist because you don’t support racism.”

    The fact is that historically and currently, Judeo-Christian religions are one of the most violent and cruel forces this planet has ever seen.

    Flying fucking spaghetti monsters.

  18. Flying fucking spaghetti monsters.

    Posted by Shannon Larratt


    Posted By Bradly ~_0

  19. what’s so offensive about a vagina? most women only put things that they really like in their vaginas – a beloved partners parts, a cherished sex toy, their own other parts….loved things go in vaginas……


    we were all in a vagina at least once in our lives with our head out first, just like this.

    yes, even jesus was. and there he is, again.

    the only thing truly offensive about this picture is that it’s jesus, and not my tongue in there…..

  20. correction: some of us were c-sectioned, so i guess not EVERYONE has been in a vagina like that.

  21. I was in no way COMPARING the histories of Christianity and Atheism. I was comparing the treatment of the subscribers to said religions. Just because other people hundreds of years ago killed in the name of Christ doesn’t mean that I should be bashed for believing in the Bible today.

    I don’t blame people for disliking Christianity, but I don’t like being attacked on account of my religion. I come to Mod Blog because I love piercings, I love tattoos, and I love this community that is so accepting to all people. We as a people always wish that everyone were more tolerant of our mods, so why are so many people so intolerant of Christianity?

    I’m sorry if you took my comment the wrong way. I’m not even really offended by this picture, only by the things people were saying about Christians.

    And #42, go read Shannon’s article “Does God hate your tattoo?”. You might learn something.

  22. “what’s so offensive about a vagina? most women only put things that they really like in their vaginas”


    Going on about how this is “offensive” sure gives away some people’s real feelings about vaginas, dunnit?

  23. To quote #51 “Just because other people hundreds of years ago killed in the name of Christ doesn’t mean that I should be bashed for believing in the Bible today.” It is still happening and has happened since the begining of Christianity, brush up on your history hun.

    Anyway, I have wanted one of these for so long. . . it remindes me of that Type O Negative song Christian Women.



  25. If you want to disrespect Christian religious practice, shove a knight of the crusade up your twat. This is a place for acceptance (or at least tolerance), not childish shenanigans with other people’s holy symbols.

    I respect that this lady has the right to shove Jesus wherever she pleases, but the fact that so many people here believe that it’s exactly what that symbol deserves freaks me out.

  26. Rightous Pussy ~_0 purrrrffecctt any day or night of the week for loads of fun and pleasurable entertainment..mmmm smells like a gOod day+_*

  27. jesus titty fucking christ.

    its a fucking dildo. this woman is molesting your god

    anyway, i’d love to read shannon’s article if anyone would care to link it. not that i care if god hates my tats and shit but it would be nice to know if he digs biomech over traditional

  28. Heheh, that was a wild night. I advised her to use the moses dildo first with the baby jesus buttplug round back but she wanted to feel the passion of christ instead. Heh, what can I say? The dude abides.


  29. I’m just waiting for Shad or Darth to post here… If I were on modblog, that’s the first thing I’d do haha. Although they’re on here fairly often.

  30. “I respect that this lady has the right to shove Jesus wherever she pleases, but the fact that so many people here believe that it’s exactly what that symbol deserves freaks me out.”

    Why *wouldn’t* it deserve being in a vagina? What is inherently degrading or disrespectful about being in a vagina?

    I think what bothers you is hateful speech and disrespectful attitudes about the religion or deity in question. Being in a vagina does not equate to either of those things.

    Frankly, smug non-Christians who say “Ha ha! that’s exactly where it belongs!’ as if being in a vagina is somehow being brought low, irritate me just as much as the Christians saying “Excuse me, that’s offensive.”

  31. Kristin – The problem here is that the symbol of Christ on the cross is inherent in the faith of Christianity and is in no way a sexual symbol. Placing such a symbol of religious faith inside the vagina gives it a sexual context where previously there was none. It reduces the crucifixion down to a symbol of pure lust and self satisfaction. Being in the vagina is of no consequence, it could be in the anus or down the urethra and hold the same sentiment.

    Frankly this kind of immature lust for attention has been done hundreds of years back and more outrageously.

    This is a very dull image compared to some of the great works of tattooing that were included in the same set of updates but it seems a woman’s genitals get the list more excited than great works of body art.

  32. It reduces the crucifixion down to a symbol of pure lust and self satisfaction. Posted by Giles Wallwork
    Hmmm it does all that in ur opinion.~L~osser dont talk for me……~_0

  33. O thanks for askin my opinion lol know one really ever takes the time to get to know me caus eif they did really feel that they would maybe like the man in side of this body. Sowhat I have done is make a short list of all my like and dislikes so thaway you can choose what parts of me u like and dont like then evrything will be added up auotmatically at the end and you can judge by a point baseds system if u aare ~4~ or against Bradly ~_0

  34. O … btw it represents 2mea mini version Jesus in a crusification position being insereted in2 a pieirced out pussy ~_0

    The only thing I am wondering is if she got all wet for the Lords Son or did she have to use a lube?

  35. So whereas I show that it is an image of a crucifixion being used for self satisfaction you say

    “it represent 2mea(sic) mini version Jesus in a crusification(sic)” and wonder if she got all wet.

    There was me thinking you had a new and intelligent observation to share with us. Imagine my surprise when all you could do was reword what I had written and even managed to fail to spell words I had used.

    Thank you for your insight Bradly. Shouldn’t you be at school?

  36. I am only me, was reading a article here about some ~kid~ who cut off his finger and when people asked him he told excuses like it was cut off in a car etc..besides that he used ice to numb it, If u know a ~Man~ named Bradly then thats me ~_0 and if u know me way cOOl iether way ill C u when I cu +_*

  37. I’m slightly sensitive about religion’s hatred of female genitals right now, I was talking to an 19-year-old girl today who, despite the fact that she is happy to blow any guy on the PLANET, went “omg that’s disgusting omg” at the thought of cunnilingus. And fingering. Is terrified at the pain of sex but wants to “get it over with.”

    Brought up a Muslim.
    I’ve had similar conversations with Christian females of several denominations.

    I hope this girl IS religious, clearly centuries of propaganda haven’t affected her :)

  38. All I can think of when I see this, is the Type O negative song, “Christian Woman”.

    She wants to feeee-eeel her god, deep inside of herrrrr…..

  39. Shannon,
    You really should have posted some of the others photos in this set it would have been much more “offensive” and entertaining. :)

  40. Aw hell – I just came on to say it was a gorgeous picture Darth! I always enjoy your and Shad’s work!

  41. This is pretty much the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen. Even if I’m not Christian, it’s still pretty fucking stupid.

  42. Lighten up everyone. This is modblog, you should expect things like this. What does it matter if its got a picture of Jesus on it? Would it be anydifferent if it had a picture of say… a cat on it? Its a dildo. End of story. I hope Darth had a great time using it.

  43. This is definatly blasphemy at its best.
    Most people would find that totally offensive.
    I do hope the lady concerned dosnt add injury to insult by getting married in a white dress in church at some later date. I sincerley hope the church roof falls in her if she does.
    It reminds me of the exorcist movie, maybe this girls head spins round, and she pukes green vomit.

  44. I am a believer. I’m all for piercings (within moderation. It’s nice to still be able to see SOME of a person’s face). I recently got my tongue pierced. I love it. I know many Christians with tatoos and piercings…

    However, I think, as many have already stated, that this photo is both immature and crude. And I’m sure people would only ever use such a sexual device as a joke or out of spite. It’s kinda hard to focus on pleasuring yourself or your partner when you are too busy giggling about this “relic” you’re using to get yourself off.

    On a side note, I recommend that you all pick up a copy of at least one of the following books:
    “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell
    “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller
    “Irresistable Revolution” by Shane Clairborne

    After reading these authors’ thoughts, you will have a COMPLETELY different view of “Christianity,” the church, and Christians….

    And maybe even Jesus too.


  45. Hmm. I don’t think that anyone realizes that she’s using a dildo and did not just decide to stick a crucifix in her cooter.

  46. who needs fiction to change our minds about other fiction? no doubt jesus lived, the romans kept an amazing written history but all the christianity bullshit spawned by “the church” can eat a dick.

    #85 maybe you should read some books your self. your faith is fucked

  47. I’ll say that this picture is offensive however it’s leaning much more towards the disrespectful side. Clearly this picture was taken to stir shit up with people so congratulations, Mission accomplished i guess. Out of all the objects in the world you could stick up there, you have to use jesus? i dont know.. just childish. We know whos going to hell..

  48. I will never understand why you can do any number of offensive things and just laugh about them but the minute you bring religion into it people suddenly consider it the most offensive thing ever done.

    Just as you are free to believe in whatever stories and deities you wish we are free to mock them, seems fair enough to me, after all religions mock each other plenty.

  49. who ever did this i feel sorrow for. all though this makes the good lord sad and disgusted he still loves you and this is how you repay him after all hes done for us. you should be ashamed with yourself.. i hope your ready for your time of judgement when it comes and it will come like a theif in the night.. may god help you, no how about you help yourself…

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