29 thoughts on “Tongue Splitting Portrait

  1. wane get my tongue split by him to
    btw if you cant get a tongue piercing cas of a veins can you stil get your tongue splt? (thad why i want it done by lukas when the time is ther cus the veins in my tongue ar wierd and i think he coude still make it work )

  2. #5, it seems logical that an electrocautery split might control bleeding even if the arterial structure is fairly central in your tongue? Bit of a guess though, don’t take my advice.

  3. Lukas is a truely inspiring person and i can’t wait to meet him someday so i can get my tongue split…

  4. I live in Adelaide~!!
    I never knew there were people who actually performed tongue splitting here.

  5. Mr Zpira has done some funky stuffs. and yeah, it does rther look like the strap is through the ear hehe 😛

    I also rather love the anatomy poster in the background, tis fitting 🙂

    well good photo 🙂

  6. Nice to see someone around here getting their tongue split! Somehow I don’t think my ultra conservative work would have it, but I’d love to know how it feels

  7. This is such a surreal picture. Just looking at it I can feel the energy that must have been surging out of all three of them.

  8. ahhh this was done at body cult adelaide, this is where i got my mods done, hes coming back in august also

    p.s. does anyone know if sandii has a iam page? 🙂

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