21 thoughts on “JUDO CHOP!

  1. Not sure I can quite see the purpose of having ‘Judo chop’ inked. But on the Daniel Innes link above some pretty kool art work to see there, very nice.

  2. I was tempted to comment with “That’s ace.” Then I realized that using the word ‘ace’ in that context is pretty lame.

    But that tattoo is not lame. It is awesome.

  3. wow thats too much… I’m kinda jelous! Daniel Innes is such a great artist, I cant wait to get more work done by him…

  4. oh god! i love these funny tats. massaar is one of my favorite people i’ve met through IAM! too bad he doesn’t live anywhere near me, but i’m happy he got featured here because this tattoo makes me laugh so hard! definitely modblog worthy!

  5. KYLE OMG!
    your tattoo and mine were featured and are on the same page!!!!
    Now you can surely Judo Chop me from where you are!!!

  6. ÈMþRꧧ – the only reason i got it done was to amuse myself, and others! no hidden meaning in this one, heh.

    lilish – nope, i didn’t go out and get it intending it to be a tribute to Austin Powers, though i’m sure sub-conciously that where i got the idea from.

    anyway, i think it’s pretty cool that it got featured!

  7. massaar,
    jesus did I just get a judo chop off you 🙂
    only joking, have a nice day enjoy you art work. I like your little birdies and flowers btw.

  8. *chuckles* If he ever did judo competatively I bet his opponants would get such a kick out of those =D

  9. lmao… almost pissed myself… love people with a sense of humor… the world is full of stuck-up folks who take themselves and life waaay too seriously… very refreshing

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