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  1. It looks great as an arty picture, but I’m guessing she’s sucking in her stomach to make her look that skinny. Great tattoo!

  2. Thanks for putting a very skinny girl up. Lots of times I feel bad about my body type since people tease “anorexic” people, but seeing this up here does make me feel better. Even if two out of the five comments are negative.

  3. sexy,
    and by the way she probaly isnt as shinny as the pic suggests, i mean i can do that and i can look almost that skiny and im not unhealthy thin.

  4. yeah i agree with bex on #8. she has lovely skin and a lovely tattoo, but does seem a bonier than someone’s body might naturally allow. the way you can see her pelvis jutting out aside from just her hipbones is very distressing to me I just hope that shes healthy and not suffereing from a disorder of some kind. when i was in high school i dealt with anorexia and it was aweful emotionally.

    please tell us this is photoshopped, Shannon

  5. While I agree that she looks far too thin to be healthy, I’m proud to see Newfoundlanders being representing on ModBlog! She’s a Newfie b’y, just like me!

    I feel like singing Ode To Newfoundland right about now.

  6. She’s laying down, that’s why she looks so skinny. If I lay down and suck my stomach in, I can look exactly like that and I am in no way even remotely anorexic. Im sure if she was standing up, she’d look fine and no one would be saying anything.

  7. if you see dopesickgirl (kayla) in actuality she is a very attractive and petite lady 🙂 and beautiful tattoo by the way!

  8. do not fear, everyone! i checked out her IAM and she appears to be a very healthy looking and cute lady. a pic of the same area while she is standing looks just fine.

    i believe we can stop worrying about her health and admit that we’re just jealous of her body fat percentage.

  9. i understand why people might feel jealously towards her – but i dont admit jealousy because i dont have any – not everyone needs/wants to have that body fat percentage. dont lump everyone together please!

    also saying that, it’s a very triggering picture and having dealt with those issues in the past i really feel for some of you people who are currently triggered by it. take good care of each other please.

  10. Glad to hear she seems healthy. But i do find it worrying that people are finding this picture triggering. I don’t think it will help to say that people are just jealous, rachelface – that will help promote the idea that it is good or particularly attractive to be underweight. I do actually worry about people’s health as i myself have struggled with anorexia and am underweight and know how difficult the whole issue is.

  11. Towines on MODBLOG! It makes me happy, plus I’d like to chomp on her rib bone for some reason or another.
    I’m from the east coast of Newfoundland too, so I’m excited to she her posted here!

  12. Yeah, I’m totally jealous of someone who looks anorexic. God, I wish I had a psychological disease that made me starve myself! Good call, #23.

  13. Uhh… lighten up? My post wasn’t dead serious.

    I appreciate all body types. Underweight, overweight, right weight, sideways weight. People are more than justified in finding this picture attractive. We’re dealing with individual aesthetics here.

    I don’t see why so many have turned this into an eating disorder discussion. You can see a total of a foot and a half of her body and there are assumptions that she has a physical and mental disorder. Some people in the world have physiques that are naturally on the thin side. We’re all different. Accept it.. move on.. don’t assume that people who aren’t average body weights have diseases.

    You’re really only contributing to the problems this society has with accepting those who are different and the impossible standards that have been placed upon women to have perfect bodies.

    Just because she isn’t your ideal size doesn’t mean she can’t be someone else’s. 😉

  14. Actually on her iam she says she has eating/body image issues…but that aside it REALLY makes me sad to see so many people say they think bones are “sexy” I’ve been anorexic for a decade and anorexia isnt sexy. You lose your hair, stop being able to shit, have the worst breath known to man, ache all over, are pale and dead-looking, and have nothing huggable about you. Oh yeah…and you usually do awful damage to your body and break your family& friends hearts by continuing to lose weight past the point of attractiveness….so yeah BONES ARENT SEXY.

  15. It’s pretty fucking rude how everyone’s slating her body. Interesting double standard isnt it, if someone said “omg fat chick, gross!” to an overweight girl they’d be publicly crusified.

    That aside, i think this is a pretty cool tattoo.

  16. i think she has a gorgeous body.

    and shame on anyone who tries to bring her down by saying anything negative.

    why do people think it’s okay to talk smack on skinny girls, but it’s oh-so-fucked to call fat people fat?

    it’s not your business either way, tisk-tisk.

  17. Its a trigger? Please…people need to take responsibility for their own eating issues.

    Really. I think its a great photo and the overall image creates a beautiful setting for this tattoo.

  18. This is what her IAM says:

    ” i love food and anything with calories in it, but i also have an arguably unhealthy fixation on being thin and losing weight. it causes me a great deal of stress and unhappiness.”

    I hope she feels better now 🙁

  19. Fuckin amazing the assumptions people make. I am about as skinny as that, have been my whole life. I am totally fit and healthy, and eat more than most people i know, That is just how i am. Different people have different body types. To the comment
    “so yeah BONES ARENT SEXY” Im sure anorexia is horrible but that is an assumption YOU are making. Should healthy skinny like me pack on a few pounds to make everyone else feel more comfortable?
    I would love to meet any of you that make stupid assumtions, so you can watch me eat a pizza drink a six pack while telling me I MUST be anorexic.

  20. Actually, although I prefer chubby girls, I agree with what people are saying about a double standard. I’m skinny, and I know from experience that while people generally realise that it’s not cool to make fun of people for being fat, they won’t think twice about saying “OMG YOU’RE SO SKINNY YOU MUST NEVER EAT” etc.

  21. I think the majority of the “mod blog” girls are always represented as a certain body type. You hardly see beautiful women with above average or even near average body weight. The average American woman is a 26% BMI. Not underweight like the majority shown. Some women are naturally skinny which is fine but most women are not rib poking thin. Thats the reality. So its ostracizing a good percentage of women to constantly praise the unhealthy size, its part of life “you can never be too rich or too thin”. Wether its triggered by a disorder or not, being underweight in general has become a problem right next to obesity. If that girl actually said she has an eating disorder than I think thats fair representation. Her online name is “dope sick” . Am I the only one who caught that. ? DOPE SICK. Thats just screaming healthy life style, right? To the skinnies that just have wicked metabolisms more power to them. But people are skinny people are fat. If everyone was praised equally as human beings and not just bodies I dont think it would matter.

  22. #37: I don’t hear anyone here “blaming” her for triggering them. It is quite ignorant to assume that anyone suffering from anorexia, or those who have been effected by it in the past, place the blame for their disorders on images such as these. Triggers are not conscious decisions, that’s why they are called “triggers” — they are impulsive urges that arise from various stimulus.
    Of course those naive to the disorder may not understand, but this is in line with cutters viewing pictures of such behaviour and it eliciting feelings.
    Blaming those with the disorder is not beneficial in any way — if someone is sick it is not their, or anyone elses, fault.

    On a side note, personally I have no experience with eating disorders other than learning about them in my current program in Uni. However, I do understand how this image could be troubling to those who have; the jutting ribs and hips.

    Her tattoo is beautiful and I hope she eventually finds comfort in her own skin.

  23. fucking sexy, i was there when that tattoo was done. Lesley says your BEAUTIFUL baby.

  24. looks like a surreal desert landscape… nice composition… also, i dun think it’s right for people to ASSUME she’s anorexic… when we see larger folks on modblog should we ASSUME they are pregnant or have control issues? i think not… let’s try to see the good in things instead of trying to plaster every post with negative BS… i love you and you love me… let’s make babies please… 😉

  25. Interesting tattoo, but no offence to her – she is way too thin. She looks very unhealthy =[

  26. She says right in her description she has image issues and a problem with not eating. So no one is ASSUMING anything. Atleast she doesnt lie about it. I dont think the point is to slander anyone. Its the fact that “mod blog” girls are all the same exact size, an unrealistic size considering the majority of women are not under weight. Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, everyone has a different metabolism. BUT… As a woman I can fully appreciate the female form. I love feminine bodies that have curves and breasts. Shape is what makes women different than men. Its a beautiful thing that i dont think is fairly represented here.

  27. i love the skeletal tattoo and her visible ribs, etc.

    in regards to her body image, i’m not too concerned about it with this photo as i am by no means skinny and i can lay on my back, arch a little and suck in big time and achieve the same look, same protruding ribs and hip bones.

  28. Skinny people exsist!! Will everybody just get used to it?!

    And just to point out , Modblog has probably the widest variety of body types shown anywhere… So, if skinny girls are monopolizing modblog, its because they are the ones sending in more pictures…

    (and I thought she meant dope, and sick as good things?)

  29. I’m not as thin as the girl in the picture, but I am rather skinny/petite and I’ve had my fair share of being teasted since I was in elementry school. In high school, I’d get some friends who’d just go “OMG YOURE SOO SKINNY,” but I mean, who has the fucking balls to say HOLY SHIT YOU ARE FAT to a heavier person? Anyway, shitty comments make people feel shitty. Lay off.

  30. The girl in the pic is just another of the varied human body-types.
    Being from a naturally tall thin family…it’s pretty amazing to be fodder for such criticism, debate, and assumption.

    Gotta love it! My whole family is used to the “weightism”.

    Pretty sad when I have to sit my tall skinny kid down and explain to her that people are going to criticise her and judge her because of her genetics.

  31. It has nothing to do with sending in more pictures. Its preference. This isnt automated theres a real person behind it with real tastes and opinions. Again I really dont think the point is to slander anyone. Atleast thats never my personal intentions. People have potential to be fabulous regardless of size. I highly doubt “dope sick” stands for sick tight or whatever. Where I’m from it refers to being dope sick, like heroin withdrawl.

  32. vampryixe… i do agree with you and i wasn’t aware her page said that cause i did not check… i was just trying to keep the peace… if it makes you feel any better i checker out your page and i think you are quite beautiful and i do find beauty in veryone… not everyone does look like her and not everyone should… i don’t thin shannon is saying that… i just think he, as an individual, has certain tastes and this is his website so i am pretty sure that gives him the right to voive them… i have seen more voluptuous women on modblog and i enjoy those pics just as much as i know others do as well… the world isn’t perfect or fair so why should we expect one website is this vast world to be… i’d just rather be spreading the love ya know… but all i have is this lousey tube sock… arrrg

  33. True, dopesickgirl could mean she’s sick from heroin.

    And herekittykitty could mean that I’m a cat that types rather well. =^..^=

    As for the pics on Modblog: A while back a plus-size woman was featured. She was wrapped in a bondage wrap with her breasts exposed. (As if we haven’t seen bondage and kink on Modblog.)
    And people COMPLAINED because of the setting she was in. They completely forgot that a plus-size woman was being featured, in a bondage kink, the same as a skinny woman would be.
    You know, they didn’t want her to be treated fairly. They complained because she wasn’t posed like a princess. They were like “well finally you got a heavy chick but look how she’s trussed up…”
    That’s the pic she sent in. She was big, beautiful and getting off on her kink.

    And people who wanted heavier ladies featured STILL bitched.

  34. Oddly enough I know exactly which one your referring to. I thought it was fabulous. I went through the entire history of the “girls” before because frankly the boobs are the best part to me, I wish some of them were a little more modded since it is a mod blog but you cant win em all. I’d say maybe 4 stood out to me as being a “different” size than the “standard mod blog girl”. I dont care who’s anorexic and who’s not blah blah blah but not all women are 4 ft tall and 70 lbs. Judging from what I’ve read on the blogs people complain about it every single blog almost. I guess its a beat point to argue.

  35. From the feedback posted here, should I or Roo for example be afraid to post pictures of ourselves on ModBlog here because we’re too thin?

    Because the impression I get is that if a person is thin, many ModBlog readers feel perfectly happy to attack them over their weight. Whereas that would never happen in the case of someone who’s heavy. Interesting double-standard.

  36. shannon:it looks like anyone should refrain from sending pictures in. i would never, EVER. simply, i couldn’t handle people debating about my:

    body type
    health status
    mental status
    the list goes on……

  37. You do know that you’re not being forced to read modblog, right? Just because you can leave comments doesn’t mean your opinion means anything. This is a personal blog. If you don’t like the content stop looking at it.

  38. shannon, its because you only post tiny girls that this started. though you have a preference, you need to realize other people have different tastes and show modded girls who are larger sizes. various male sizes are shown. so why not women?

  39. Shannon, it’s probably a fair point that people wouldnt comment quite so much about an overweight person… but obesity isnt glamourised like being underweight is, despite both being unhealthy…

  40. OK women, since as I’ve said before I believe what I post is representative of what I receveiv, send me pictures that are “oversized” in comparison to what you feel the standard of ModBlog (photos that you have rights to, and please include any details about the photo/mods/etc). My personal email address is [email protected] (you can submit it to BME as well, but if you send it to me as well, it will *definitely* get to *me*). I will consider any picture sent, and if I don’t post it I will do my best to explain to you why.

  41. I dont think the argument was for “oversized” . It was “normal sized” that we were routing for. As “stigmata” posted in the blog about his partner stitch. Average sized women are considered repulsive sloppy and vulgar. Thats a pretty broad statement for a pretty broad group of women. I dont see how its offensive to say maybe more normal girls would be great, I dont understand the moral code I suppose. But saying something like that about women is harsh, rude and uncalled for. I never said that this should be the fatty olypics, just average would be nice. No one said there was anything wrong with skinny women and the great debate is a pointless subject at this point.

  42. **who has the fucking balls to say HOLY SHIT YOU ARE FAT to a heavier person?**

    I’ve been a size 12 since junior high school and while I am by no means calling myself fat (I actually do think I’m rather average), the fact remains that I am not thin. I’m serious when I say that personally, I could not care less. However, there have been quite a few people who have very well had the balls to say things like that to me. I think people are critical of everything and it’s our choice to ignore the things they say or to let them get to us, regardless of whether they say we are too fat or too skinny.

  43. I’m sorry to hear that she’s not that healthy, but the tattoo is gorgeous, and there are lots of people who do look that way when they lie down. (Like myself and my boyfriend, for example, and we’re both quite healthy)

  44. Shannon, I think I’ll take you up on that offer. That is if I can find batteries for my digital camera. I’m not what you’d call heavily modded, but I have plans to be in the future. I know not all your modblog girls are heavily modded either, so I hope that does not diminish my chances.

    Personally, I have no qualms about people ripping me to shreds for being a little overweight, not having the right hair or makeup or clothes or whatever. I know and love who I am. So if Shannon likes the pictures, bring it on modblog commenters.

  45. People hate on thin girls for being too skinny, people hate on larger girls for being too fat. It doesn’t matter what size you are, people will comment negatively because people are way too obsessed with weight. It’s sad that people don’t realize how disrespectful it is to only comment on a person’s weight. As if weight is the only thing that defines a person.

  46. True, people like to point out what they perceive as flaws and/or shortcomings of others. Weight, especially seems to be, for some people a measurement of worth. Either of themselves or others, or both.

    A person is the sum of their parts.

    Everyone is intitled to their opinions, and should be able to express them…but a little respect goes a long way. Especially in the modded community. We all would like to be respected.

    The modifications which seems to upset unmodded citizens are usually respected, if not actually embraced, by the BME community (the least usually being “meh, whatever floats yer boat”) yet weight is not treated that way at all.

    Really, the Coke can in the ass is more accepted than a skinny body. Why a Coke can? Why not? Split-tongue? Split head? Why not! And that’s just the way a free individual should be. Hey, a lot of “citizens” would swear anyone with a split tongue was certified insane to do/want it. How fair is that? About as fair as judging a person by their weight (these days the lack of it) and assuming the person is sick or unhealthy.

    Maybe the skinny chick is sick. Maybe not.
    I don’t think so many people here would be discussing how a man with a subinscision (for example) is “sick” in some way by being apart from the “norm”.

  47. Her tattoo is beautiful and I am sure she is a beautiful person but people seem to be missing the point. If I wanted to see a whole bunch of skinny well lit, well photoshoped woman with a small tattoe here or there I would be a glossy. I am here to see modified bodies. Be they curvacious because of bones or fat s not the point. The modifications are.
    Also why do I need to send my picture if I want to be seen but most of the “skinny girl” picturtes are trawled for. Curvy.Hardcore and IAM.curvy2 are full of beautiful , full figured women and their modifications.

  48. Unrelated to the debate about weight issues I’d like to point out that “dopesick girl” is the title of a song by Rancid, listed as one of her favourite bands…..so probably not to do with her being sick or one drugs! It’s an interesting picture – I can see why it triggered so much debate.

  49. Why can’t people just say someone is beautiful? I think all women have the potential to be beautiful, and most are. To me a beautiful woman isn’t a 00 or a 28, she doesn’t have to weigh 125 lbs and be 5’10 nor does she have to weigh 250 lbs and be 5’10. Women have these abilities that the other sex doesn’t, they are amazing wonderful creatures that are too often criticized. We are criticized by the media for being too skinny and being overweight, for having frizzy hair, flat hair, acne, small breasts, huge breasts, for basically everything. We have to stop doing it to each other so that it will eventually stop happening to us. I don’t look at women I see and say “Oh if she gained 10 lbs she’d be sexy” I look at them and think, “wow her eyes are so blue, they are gorgeous” or “wow she has a fantastic smile”. Why do we always point out negative parts about each other? Most women are insecure. And sure it sucks everytime you look at modblog and you see a thin girl, it just adds another blow to the ego, but its not a huge deal. I am sure Shannon is a equal opportunity picture poster, and if he recieved pictures that were of large women that were as artistic as this then he would post them. He can’t have that many mods and change his body that much to not understand everyone has different tastes and preferences, and I am sure he agrees that women in general are beautiful.

    It shouldn’t be about someone being too thin or too fat to be appreciated for their beauty.

  50. I like #74′s response. weight is anyone cares about and judges us on. and not to be naive or sexist in any way, but it’s shit being a girl. a boy can be ‘huggable’ or ‘as big as a bear’ and it’s still ok.. whatever. really. just a conicidental time to see this pic and discussion.

    I go with #10. unfortunatly way too often.

  51. “god help you if you are an ugly girl
    of course too pretty is also your doom
    because everyone harbors a secret hatred
    for the prettiest girl in the room

    and god help you if you are a phoenix
    and you dare to rise up from the ash
    a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
    while you are just flying past”

    -Ani Difranco

  52. I think Shannon should post for a week only mods, no body parts to accompany them. If it’s a tattoo only show the ink and the skin within its boundaries, if it’s a piercing, only the piercing and the skin it goes through. That way people can’t complain about the body type chosen. Oh, and he can’t say who it is that is in the picture or took it, cos then everyone would search and find out and still bitch.

  53. i actually like that idea. that way people afraid about being judged can be featured on modblog totally anonymously.

  54. I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to dispute things. It doesn’t matter. She says she’s healthy, she’s not anorexic, she’s comfortable with it. Who the fuck are we to argue with that?
    This site gets worse every day.

  55. I like the tattoo, but she makes me want to feed her! She may be very thin naturally, I have no idea, and I’m not here to judge. But she makes me hungry!

  56. Hey Kayla baby,
    You and Oliver both look beautiful here.
    Seriously I love this picture, almost as much as I love you. I’m not surprised its so amazing, since that is what you are.
    But congrats on being famous! hah LIVE IT UP, to cellebrate we will write philosophy essays and get drunk off strawberry whine, obviously after one of our famous icecream runs (just dont tell bobbi yet hah)
    Little black hearts stollen from FaceB. – Emily

  57. however, what is a piercing without the body parts..
    it will look borring, i think :/

    whatever it is, i think the picture looks great.. has more artistic value than just showing off rib bones as oh-so-many assume..
    understand that there is a certain feeling/mood the photographer wishes to get..

    this kinda argument is predictable already whenever there is a “boney” picture..

  58. For what it’s worth, I’m a healthy 126, five-six, and my body looks the same if I lie down and stretch out (like she is). I like how you don’t see her tattoo right away =D

  59. Kayla sweetie!! You are beautiful! I love your tattoo, and the style of the photograph just brings out how gorgeous it looks on you! I have a famous freind!! haha

  60. WOW that’s alot of long posts!

    I’m sure Kayla has issues, whether it be with food/weight or not, I don’t know. What I do understand is that that particular picture is most definitely “thinspiration” to those battling/living with anorexia. A huge part of the disease is a mental warp, and it causes “fanorexia”, the need to relate to others, to help each other reach goals that don’t necessarily lead to healing.

    That being said, shannon you were on to something about that desert scene. I love the look of it. And considering the lizard is bones, the irony of the bodyimage issue is just great!

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