12 thoughts on “Muddy in San Jose

  1. i sort of wish i could have been there. it looks so serene…
    and i dont think it’s supposed to be bmegirls as the tag, maybe bmeboys instead

  2. My beautiful home right there (not the little swamp, I meant NorCal, duuuh)

    Speaking of Alta California, i’ve been wanting to try doing a suspension, or even a pulling, but have no idea who I should get in contact with. If anyone who’s a part of that scene in the Bay Area, or anyone traveling through who wouldn’t mind an open minded newcomer, I would love to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing. Send me an email, and i’ll be the happiest kid on earth: [email protected]

  3. Up in the tipity-top left corner….is that a girl with a yellow dress and a head like a rolled up sleeping bag hanging from the trees?

    Or is it time for medication again? The people in the white coats can be very nice at times….

  4. Mike – I’m pretty sure that’s the rigging for the suspension, but maybe the suspension fairy showed up…

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