Eternal Sunshine

Alright, this is why I shouldn’t doodle away at ModBlog images (like this Italian beach photo) while I’m not really paying attention because I’m watching TV or something and get all carried away… You can click through if you want to see the original on BME. My apologies to everyone involved.

37 thoughts on “Eternal Sunshine

  1. Something bothers me about the ‘shopped one, but the colors are magnificent on it. Also the tattoos pop out much more, so you did a good job on it clearly!

  2. oh and you rounded out their bodies and made their skin all super perfect.

    reminds me of….DVD packaging. if you look close it’s like soooo photoshopped. if anyone rents movies look at bruce willis in 91/2 yards and there is one with jennifer aniston on the cover and her face is soooo photoshopped her jaw looks unnatural ….

    overall this picture is pretty fabulous, the orangey hue of their skin and the brightness of the picture makes me remember what it feels like to have my skin warmed by the sun…..oh canada….

  3. I had to click through four times befor I realised the missing tops…guess I´m a butt person 🙂

  4. There’s something “wrong” about how it turned out… The saturation and color balance feels too strong in some areas and too weak in others, almost mottled. But I thought I did a decent job with the tops 😉

  5. so.. is someone gonna post a link to the original or what? hhaha.. i wanna see if those gorgeous bods really have been photoshopped into oblivion. 😛

  6. Emily just click on the photo and youre taking straight to the original. In my opinion the girls have very nice bodies…photoshopped or not. Shannon just made the whole picture a bit more ethereal.

  7. I really don’t liek the tattoos and general orangeyness of their skin, but Shannon, I will hand it to you that you are a Photoshop MASTER!

  8. Good technical work on the photoshop but tbh ‘shopping’ of people can get a bit ugly.

    These girls were gorgeous to begin with and the amount you altered the waist of the second girl is obscene, she has a fantastic body and the implication of drastically altering it is essentially that it’s ‘not good enough’.

    I just wonder how much it would improve the self esteem of people everywhere (particularly young girls) if digitally altered images were banned from the media for even a week…

    I know you’re not part of the mass media Shannon, but the gripe still stands, perhaps it’s even worse that a community supposedly dedicated to the celebration of our bodies sees no problem with imposing unwarrented “improvements” on something as individual and naturally diverse as body shape.


  9. 27. hahaha.

    The main problem with this photoshop job is that all original skin texture is gone, their skin now looks smoother than silk, which is somewhat upsetting. What surprises me is that the same kind of skin-annihilating p’shopping gets used in make-up and fashion advertising regularly… It takes a bit of a trained eye to notice it but once you know what to look for, you can’t look at half of those pictures without going “where did her skin go?”

    I liked how the hair on the girl on the left’s highlights got a lot more shiny though.

  10. I love ModBlog, but if I wanted photoshopped girls with fake tans and 4 inches taken off their waists, I’d buy myself a copy of Cosmo and get it over with.

  11. what bugs me is when you click threw there are all these beautiful women and then a dude in a speedo with it up his ass back in the background! But beautiful besides that!

  12. I think that it really betrays my background as a competitive sailor and instructor that my first thought was “Man, those kids in optis looks like they’re having fun!”

  13. I think the unedited picture looks better. Just cos’ most peoples bodys don’t really look totaly smooth I love the lumps and bumps. gives a person style.

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