28 thoughts on “Finally some snow!

  1. I know her! 😀

    she’s ridiculous cute in that picture too, although, I don’t think it’s snowed in Nanaimo for awhile now ;P

  2. I’m very picky about the asthetic of the septum–normally it looks silly–but WOW! On her, that’s exactly the right gauge, diameter, style of jewelry . . . fabulous! And I never thought I’d say a septum was fabulous on anyone who ISN’T FakeJapanese!

  3. I’ve never had so many compliments before.

    Dear BME/Shannon: I love you.
    If I could, I’d totally bake this website cookies now.

  4. Her resemblance to my roommate is terrifying. And she had her septum pierced for a time, too. Wow.

  5. If I had to guess, I’d probably say it’s 5/16ths, but I can’t remember what the diameter is right now, I got the pincher a while ago.

  6. Where can I get a pincher like that for fairly cheap?
    10 or 12 gauge.
    I didn’t want to stretch to 10 unless I knew I could find cute jewelry… like that.

  7. fuck making BME cookies… let’s put a bun in the oven girl… haha oh the torture of cuteness… degrade me and punch me in the face and i’ll still be all like,”awww how cunnin’..”

  8. i know when i see a beautiful lady, and wherever she lives, she has to know that somebody in Sacramento, CA has seen her and much apprciated her beauty. that lady in the picture is doubtlessly the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. i wish id know you. 🙁

  9. That septum looks AWESOME on her. I think really subtle jewellery looks gorgeous on girls.
    She is so adorable.

  10. she’s quite pretty! and i’m not usually a fan of septums (i don’t find a lot of people that can pull them off) but she pulls it off very well!

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