Kanji side-hand tattoos

Cale‘s new tattoos — “My life, My way” — as inked by Rain at Alternative Arts in Denver, CO.

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29 thoughts on “Kanji side-hand tattoos

  1. I’m sorry.

    Can’t be bothered to look at the hands much if I spot such a lovely forehead piercing.

  2. sukine, totemo kireina ne?!

    That’s really nice, I could go for that sort of thing myself. Maybe two halves of a yojijukugo phrase…

    And nice bridge piercing too.


  3. It’s very beautifully tattooed, even to the point of looking like scarification.

    My question though is: why jinsei as opposed to seikatsu? Or maybe inochi? Perhaps i have the incorrect impression of jinsei, but i tend to think of it in terms of human life in general…

    either way, really pretty.

  4. Caaale! Congratulations….I was thinking your hands would make a great Modblog, and now here you are :)

    As for “inochi”, she wanted life with more of “path” connotation rather than “life(as opposed to death). And seikatsu, though I honestly didn’t think of it, I’d think of it as more like “living”, or very at home…if that makes any sense.

  5. i’m so glad the kanji are actually done/translated well!!!
    watashi no jinsei, watashi no michi. my life, my road/way. awsome!

  6. When I initially saw this (I hadn’t bothered to look at the title) I really thought it was a fresh scarification.

    I really like these tattoos, and the meaning.

  7. disgustingly large radiovoice? That’s a bit harsh.

    The rise is a lil high, perhaps downsizing (maybe discs too) would look a LITTLE better. Maybe she likes that look.

    Hot tattoos, I have my fingers crossed for you that they heal well and stay in there (assuming they are fresh)

  8. I really really like this! Both the tattoo, bridge piercing and picture all together.
    And cheers for good kanji!

  9. Wow!! Love the design….. and the color goes real good. Clean finish.

    The piercings go hand in hand with the tat.


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  11. Those look amazing. ive been seriously thinking about getting something done there too, please give me some idea on how it felt!!

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